Dacre bleu: The Daily Mail wage war on “fascist left”

The Daily Mail has waged a war on the “fascist left” in what may go down as one of the most ironic pieces of journalism in media history.

After it was crushed by so-called “alt left” publications in the 2017 General Election right-wing editor Paul Dacre launched a full scale attack in today’s edition, calling left wing publications the “real purveyors of hatred”.

The feature-length piece was in response to a Guardian cartoon which displayed the publication on the side of the van used to hit a group of worshippers near Finsbury Park Mosque on Monday morning.

A completely unwarranted association in the paper’s eyes, although they did admit to one sin; that they “love their country, fear its enemies, and believe everything is possible and should be done to protect its people”.

It may well go down as one of the most incongruous thing a news publication has ever published.

Not only did we uncover here that the Daily Mail was actually in bed with the fascists during World War II, it would be fair to say that not much has changed in their editorial stance since that time.

In recent editions it has led with front pages such as “The Swarm On Our Streets” in relation to migrants as well as peddling other nationalistic hyperbole such as “Migrants Spark Housing Crisis”, “Foreign Murderers And Rapists We Can’t Throw Out” and “More Migrants Are On Their Way”.

Indeed a campaign group has even been set up calling on companies to “Stop Funding Hate” by running ads in the rag. So far big sponsors such as Lego and The Body Shop have stopped any marketing activity with the publication because of its divisive hate campaigns.

But perhaps the biggest irony of the Mail’s tirade is that it is directed at the Guardian’s cartoonist despite the fact that they have the most “spectacularly racist” newspaper sketcher around.

The infamous Mac Cartoon courted controversy back in 2015 when he had a Tom Jones sketch published which was described as a “drawing that looked as though it should have been published in Britain’s bygone racist era”.

It wasn’t the first nor would it be the last time Stanley McMurty would be accused of sending racist cartoons to be printed in the publication. Following the Paris attacks by Jihadists, Mac produced a cartoon depicting refugees with exaggerated noses crossing the EU’s borders with rats at their feet.

Some journalists suggested the imagery evoked that used by Nazi propagandists, including in their notorious film The Eternal Jew.

It would also be remiss of us to ignore the underlying insinuation expressed in the Guardian cartoon; that publications such as The Daily Mail and The Sun are in part responsible for fuelling hatred in Britain.

A report released last year warned that right-wing extremists inflict more fatalities and injuries than Islamist terrorists in “lone actor” attacks, but that is never the message the Mail likes to purvey.

Rather it has been happy to peddle Islamaphobia under the thinly veiled guise that it “cares about it’s country”.

That may have sold copies once upon a time but the times they are a changin’, and they won’t be eaten up so readily in the future.


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