Young Brits Are Working Too Hard – It’s Time For A Decent Holiday

Young Brits in the UK are at a record high when it comes to employment rates, with more apprenticeships being completed and more young people in employment than ever. This hard working mentality is one of the things that the millennial generation are not quite given enough credit for, and now with the summer rolling in and university deadlines coming to an end, it’s time for these young Brits to consider taking a holiday that will help them to relax and allow them to come back more productive than ever. Here, we’re taking a look at the best locations for young Brits to visit, and some of the factors that makes up a ‘decent’ holiday.

Value For Money

For young Brits battling against rising costs of living and low incomes, finding a holiday that is good value for money is extremely important. There are a huge number of up and coming destinations that can provide you with good value for money, with Hungary, Spain, Malta and more being just some to top the list. Value for money can provide you with an ideal holiday experience that fits the budget of a student or a young person simply looking to take a trip for some relaxation time. One of the best ways to find a holiday that is good value for money is by travelling to Europe, if you’re already located in a European country. If this is the case, then make sure you have carried out your E111 renewal in order to keep safe throughout your trip.


The main reason why people want to go on holiday is to relax by the pool or on the beach, enjoying the hot weather. Due to the fact a lot of families will travel in the summer, prices can be more expensive, so you may want to consider some later holiday destinations that can provide you with the sunshine that you can get during summer. This way, you can enjoy the occasional sunshine in England and then enjoy a holiday in the sun when England is cold, wet and rainy in winter! Some destinations you should consider for this include Thailand, or if you’re looking a bit closer to home, then consider the Canary Islands, who experience temperatures of around 22 degrees+ all year round!

Night Life

For many young Brits an important aspect of the holiday is to enjoy the night life. Whether this is a full clubbing holiday like Ibiza or Magaluf, or simply a few bars and restaurants to enjoy outside of the hotel, many holiday destinations that are suited to tourist lifestyles offer plenty of night life for young Brits to enjoy. It is important to keep in mind the legal drinking ages in the country that you are looking to travel to, but the majority of European countries in particular have drinking ages of 18. No matter what you’re looking for, you are certain to find a holiday destination as a young Brit that can provide you with everything you need.

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