The worst airport in UK has been revealed

I’m not one for flying, as I’m a natural coward, so I need at least a few pints to get on a plane. However, before the alcohol kicks it is very noticeable the difference in the quality of airport facilities across the UK.

However, according to research by Which?, London Luton Airport has been named as the airport with the lowest customer satisfaction.

Over ten categories it was only given one star in half of them. Staff, variety of shops and state of toilets were all marked poorly.

Under a third, 29 per cent, would recommend the airport, not actually in London even though it claims to be, to a friend. Interestingly, another airport that claims to be in the capital but isn’t, London Southend, scored very highly with customers, who seem to enjoy flying from the Essex coast. Ok only London City really is in London, but Heathrow is on the tube.

Of the 435 airport users who were questioned they used “rip off,” “chaos,” and “crowded,” to describe the Bedfordshire transportation hub.

The airport is undergoing a £110 million redevelopment which has led to disruption, although it has placed at the bottom of the Which? airport ranking for five years.

An airport spokesman said: “We’re disappointed in these results as they don’t accurately reflect the experience of the majority of our passengers.

“Which? polled just 435 of its subscribers who had travelled through London Luton Airport between May 2016 and May 2017 – the most intensive phase of the airport’s redevelopment.

“Of the 1.7 million people who responded to our ongoing customer service tracking, during the first six months of 2017, 75 per cent told us they were happy with their experience, a 5 per cent improvement on the same period last year.”

Here are the top five UK airports according to Which?:

  1. Doncaster Sheffield (87 per cent)
  2. London Southend (84 per cent)
  3. =3. Norwich (75 per cent)
  4. =3. Southampton (75 per cent)
  5. Exeter (71 per cent)

Here are the five worst UK airports according to Which?:

  1. London Luton (29 per cent)
  2. London Stansted (38 per cent)
  3. Manchester Terminal 3 (43 per cent)
  4. Aberdeen (44 per cent)
  5. Manchester Terminal 1 (50 per cent)

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