Where’s hot in April?

By Steve Taggart

Need some sun, stat? If the holiday-booking fingers are getting restless, we’ve picked out five holiday hotspots that lend themselves to a last-minute break, and come into the perfect temperature in April (we think that’s around 28c, feel free to disagree).

1. Miami, US


Bringing together parties, beaches, art, clubs and even more parties, Miami is made for tourists looking for a little escapism. It’s blessed with continual good weather, but April is ideal as sun-protection oils won’t roast you slowly, nor will the rain wash it straight off – as it might do from May to November.
Ave low/max: 20c/28c
No of rain days: 7
Get there: The cheapest flights to Miami in April are £460 with Delta Airlines

2. Cuba


One of TLE’s favourite destinations. Not only because it has some of the sapphire-like waters and soft, sandy beaches, but also because its culture and history is rich and dramatic. Also it has fantastic rum.
Holidays can be easily split between the beach resort of Varadero and the vibrant capital Havana for a perfect catch-all holiday.
Ave low/max: 19c/29c
No of rain days: 6 days
Get there: The cheapest flights to Havana in April are £744 with Virgin Atlantic

3. Sri Lanka


Its natural radiator is always on between 27-29c, making it a year-round hotspot. But April is a particularly good time to visit as it misses out on its two monsoons, and it’s low-season, meaning there are more last-minute deals to snap up.
Ave low/max: 25c/32c
No of rain days: 12
Get there: The cheapest flights to Sri Lanka in April are £442 with SriLankan Airlines

4. Marrakesh, Morocco


The bustling environs of Marrakesh – Morocco’s fourth biggest city – always have plenty of action in its mazes of souks, medinas and side streets. It’s known for the wares its markets have to offer: from saffron to leather, there’s plenty on offer. For a sun break, pick a hotel with a nice outdoor swimming pool a little away from the centre.
Ave low/max: 13c/27c
No of rain days: 8
Get there: The cheapest flights to Marrakesh in April are £61 with Ryanair

5. Goa, India


It’s not so much a part of real India as an east-meets-west haven for linen-lovers, but with perfect weather and almost no rain, no wonder tourists flock to it. Day-to-day costs are relatively cheap too, so expect the flights, accommodation and the £85 visa fee will take the bulk of your budget.
Ave low/max: 26c/33c
No of rain days: 1
Get there: The cheapest flights to Goa in April are £378 with Monarch

(Flights checked with SkyScanner)

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