Where to go this summer

Few things are as unpredictable as the Great British weather, one minute you’re soaking up the sun on a deck chair, the next you’re running for shelter from a torrential downpour. That’s why many look further afield when it comes to summer holidays. Not only can they discover a new culture, but they can also reduce the chances of Mother Nature ruining their precious time off. Here we look at three of the best places to travel this summer.




The Chinese territory of Macau is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Far East. Macau is most famous for its casinos and in 2007 overtook Las Vegas to become the largest gaming hub in the world. Home to 33 casinos, including the famous Venetian Macau, Macau caters for gamers of all levels, from chancers to high rollers. Not only are the casinos home to tables and slots but visitors will also find superb restaurants and bars as well as a host of other entertainment including shows. Macau doesn’t just cater for casino lovers though, far from it. Culture vultures can find many beautiful and fascinating Buddhist Temples, such as A-Ma Temple, built in 1488. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Macau Tower is an example of one of the territory’s more modern structures. The tower, completed in 2001, measures over 330 metres and those brave enough can bungee jump from the top of it. Macau is a great place to visit this summer because not only will you find the weather warm, with average highs around 30 degrees, but the territory also caters for a range of different needs.


Lake Garda


What’s not to dislike about Lake Garda, the weather is magnificent, the scenery is breathtaking, and as the name suggests, there’s a lake. It is one of Italy’s most loved holiday destinations, cherished by not just foreign tourists, but Italian ones too. As with almost anywhere in Italy you are treated to an abundance of historical architecture. If you’re to visit one though, make it Palazzo Ducale. The palace, built in the 15th Century, is a shining example of the luxury in which Italy’s Renaissance families used to live. Another of Lake Garda’s perks is that you are within easy reach of a number of some of Italy’s great cities. Why not take a day trip to the home of Romeo and Juliet in nearby Verona. For those of you who wouldn’t mind trying your hand at water sports, why not hit the lake for a spot of windsurfing.




Why not head west to the good old US of A for a bit of summertime sun, more specifically Miami. Florida is famous it’s over 1,000 metres of sandy beaches, and we recommend you head its liveliest city, Miami, so you can take full advantage of those relaxing beaches during your downtime in the day. Soak up the sun on Miami beach during the day and as it begins to set watch as the already lively party atmosphere increases to a whole new level. You’ll find a whole host of bars and clubs in the area that will remain open way past the time the sun had reappeared again. Miami also gives tourists the chance to undertake some simply amazing day trips. A trip out to the Everglades on an airboat is well worth the money; you’ll see some stunning creatures including alligators, crocodiles and maybe even a Florida Panther.



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