What not to miss in Dubai Marina

Technical innovations, on one hand, have made our lives easier. However, on the other hand, as our civilization is progressing, our work schedules are becoming tighter and the pressure to deliver an outstanding performance in an exceedingly competitive environment is incrementing each moment. In such scenarios; a person, in order to rejuvenate his/her body and soul, requires taking a sufficiently long break and enjoy a fantastic vacation. Speaking about vacation, there is no place as spending and fascinating as Dubai. The energy, positivity and the entertainment factor at Dubai are incomparable and unmatchable. Dubai Marina is one of the most visited locations in the city. Tourists spend priceless moments at Dubai Marina. Hence, when you are at Dubai Marina, make sure you don’t miss out on the following activities.

Fishing at Dubai Marina

If you are looking for some relaxation at Dubai Marina; then deep sea fishing is an ideal activity for you. Just hop on one of the fishing tour boats operated at the Marina and spend a calm, cool and relaxing time catching some fish. Moreover, you will get to experience the wondrous view of the sea.

Don’t want to miss on your workout? Get fit at Dubai Marina

Yes! You certainly can enjoy a good workout and contribute effectively towards your goal of becoming fit and healthy when at Dubai Marina. Street Workout Park of Dubai Marina is a major attraction for all fitness lovers. There are pull up bars, weights, and even bench press. In short, everything you expect from an open-air gym; it is present here. Grab your protein shake and go for some pumping iron.

However, if you prefer to do Yoga you needn’t get disappointed. Beach JBR in Dubai Marina hosts Yoga classes in the early morning which are open to all. Nothing is better than welcoming the rising sun with a class of Yoga. The sparkling rays of the morning sun will soothe and relax each and every part of your body.

Majestic Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina

For foodies, there is no such situation as beautiful as enjoying the great cuisine of Dubai aboard a dhow dinner cruise in Dubai Marina. Dhows were the traditional masted sailing vessels of Dubai and were utilized for catching fish. These dhows are made up of teak wood and are close to 90 feet in size. Slowly, as Dubai advanced towards adopting modernism; the dhows became obsolete as their place was taken by modern yachts and other vessels.

Currently, these dhows are refurbished and are converted into a floating restaurant where apart from awesome finger licking food, you get to enjoy cultural programmes too. It doesn’t matter whether you are with your partner and are looking for romantic candle-light dinner or friends or family; dhow cruise in Dubai Marina must not be missed as the unique combination of traditionalism and luxury provided by the floating dhow is unparalleled and unrivaled.

Don’t miss out the hidden cafes at Dubai Marina

It is easy to get lost in the shiny and glamorous life at Dubai Marina. But the place has some hidden cafes too which can be found and visited only while you are on foot or riding a bicycle. Guided tours, usually, don’t take you there but these hidden cafes are a must visit as the delicacies served their will, indeed, mesmerize your taste buds. Moreover, you will get time to lose yourself in the beauty of Dubai. If you are planning to explore the crevices and corners of Dubai Marina then you can easily rent a bicycle for the same. Blue colored bicycles are, usually, parked along the streets and can be taken on a ride on a minimal rent. Dubai has special tracks on the road which are meant for bicycling.

Water Sports

Dubai Marina hosts an extensive collection of water sports including jet skiing, flyboarding etc. especially at Beach JBR. If you are of the kind who likes to literally dance and fly over water then water sports activities at Dubai Marina are, indeed, not to be missed.

The Yellow Boats Tour

There is no better way to enjoy Dubai’s marine beauty than embarking on a Yellow boat tour. You will get to enjoy the mesmerizing view of Dubai’s aquatic life and the vast coastline. Take your camera along with and capture some beautiful moments of yourself with the fascinating marine views of Dubai.  


These are only some of the major activities that you can enjoy at Dubai Marina. There are plenty more. Hence, make sure that you don’t miss even a single thing as vacationing in Dubai are the moments of a lifetime. Ensure you make the most of your stay in the city.

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