Video – Moment a Hercules plane lands on a British beach

This incredible video shows the moment dogwalkers and surfers did a double take after a Hercules plane landed – on a British BEACH.

Rachel Hoult, 25, was enjoying a surf when she spotted several RAF officers on the shore.

She asked them what was happening and was told a Lockheed C-130 Hercules was due to land shortly after 3pm on Wednesday, January 9.

She then got into position and readied her camera, and captured this incredible footage of the plane landing and taking off at Saunton Sands, Devon.

Rachel, a personal trainer from Braunton, Devon, said: “It was my day off so I went for a surf, it was small and fun – a good day for socialising in the sea.

“I saw a few fire engines on the beach and some RAF guys so I went to go ask what was going on.

“They said the plane was about to land, so I went to the area and filmed it.”

Rachel said she saw the plane land before taking off again and flying in a loop and landing again.

She said the plane would only rest for a minute before taking off again.

She continued: “It was pretty spectacular, it was really loud. It’s not the sort of thing you would see every day.

“There was only about six of us that were there, I’m really glad I was there to see if – I feel very fortunate that I was there that day.”

Watch video here

By John Bett

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