Top tips to get the best deal on your travel money

People travel all over the world for different reasons. Some go out on business trips and some want to see the different designs they see on sites such as E Architect in person. There is something that never changes about travelling however. Travelling implies a lot of research regarding the different prices and pricing philosophies that you will encounter in the foreign country that you plan on travelling to. There’s no point in making things even harder by getting caught up in currency and exchange issues. In this article we look at some of the most important tips on getting a good deal for your money. Read closely and see how you can make the most out of your vacation or travel starting with the first foreign thing you come in contact with: the currency.

Know what it all means

When it comes to exchanging money, you should know that there are some specific terms that are always thrown around. It’s important to know what these terms mean so you can fully understand what banks and such are offering you for a fixed amount of money.

Sell rate

The sell rate tells you what you are entitled to when you exchange your national currency. It’s named that way because you are basically selling your national currency to the bank, which is buying it with the currency you desire and thus the exchange is made.

Buy rate

You can probably buy where this one’s name comes from. As you might have guessed already, the buy rate tells you how much of your national currency you can get back in exchange for foreign coin. This will come in handy if you come off your vacation with some money left. If it’s in a foreign currency it won’t be of much use back home, so you need to see what the buy rate is for that specific currency.

Interbank rate

This shows the different overall rates that are present between two banks. When dealing between them, banks can have different rates going for different currencies so if you are planning on transferring money from one currency to another but also from one bank to another, you need to check out their interbank rates.

Research the currency that you need

Before you even get close to starting your vacation or traveling, you need to be thoroughly informed about what currency is used in the country you visit. This will prepare you for the journey and it will tell you what you need to exchange your national currency for. Some countries have some out of the ordinary policies or factors that can play an important role in your trip. For instance,  if you are planning on visiting Cuba you should know that the country has a separate currency for tourists  aside the one locals use. That kind of information is the kind that you would much rather be aware of before you get there, not after.


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