Top places to stay in Caribbean

The Caribbean attracts millions of visitors to spend a few weeks in the sunshine. Whether you want to dance in the streets during Carnival or simply book one of the barbados homes for rent along the beach for a few days, you’ll find it here. Keep reading and discover the best places to take a vacation in the Caribbean and where to stay for the ultimate vacationing experience.

Beachside Rentals in Barbados

Barbados rates as one of the Caribbean’s most popular tourist destinations. Offering a wide range of activities from pristine beaches, water sports and jungle trekking, the island-nation caters for all tourists needs. Looking to relax and get some well-deserved recuperation, head to one of the all-inclusive resorts or book a beachside villa. Why not take part in one of their many annual festivals, learn about Barbados’s colonial heritage and visit a rum distillery. Combine all this with year-round sunshine, funky soca music and a laid-back environment and you truly have a piece of paradise. Head to the capital Bridgetown for a cultural experience or the southern coast to stay in the more popular resorts. Dozens of ultra-luxurious accommodation lines the eastern part of the island too.

Luxurious Adventures in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda get relatively few tourists compared to some of the Caribbean’s other destinations. But this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to have your holiday of a lifetime. Apart from offering a wide range of luxurious hotels and rentals on both islands, they also boast an active outdoor scene. If you want to go hiking, pack your books and make your way up Mount Obama (formerly Boggy Peak). At the summit of the 400-metre peak, you’ll have views of both Antigua and Barbuda. Other adventure activities include zip lining over 12 lines, jungle trekking and horseback riding. Expect an idyllic retreat surrounded by the lush scenery in perfect weather.


Exclusivity in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, or BVI for short, has provided some of the best holidaying experiences in the Caribbean for decades. Since the tourism boom in the 1960s, the BVI have transformed into a playground the wealthy and affluent. Expect all the amenities from five-star resorts and bungalows with a sea view to fine-dining, spa treatments and beachside bars blasting non-stop reggae. Another highlight are the beaches lining the shores of all the islands in this small archipelago. And if you head down to one of Virgin Gorda’s stretches of white sand, you’ll probably have the entire beach to yourself. Step out into the warm water and find vibrant coral reef stretching as far as the eye can see in the crystal clear sea. Whether you’re looking for exclusivity on the beach or the chance to visit secret diving spots, you’ll find it in the British Virgin Islands.

The Best of the Best in the Cayman Islands

Three islands form the Cayman Islands located some 150 kilometres south of Cuba. Most of the small archipelago’s few tourists visit Grand Cayman as part of a stop on a cruise ship. But if you do decide to visit, you’re almost guaranteed exclusively and tropical getaway without the crowds or stress of other Caribbean destinations. Book accommodation on Grand Cayman if you want the convenience of being near restaurants and bars. Or to escape everything and have your own private beach, consider staying on the smaller Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Regardless of which part of the islands you visit, be sure to arrange a trip to Stingray City. The sandbar houses dozens of giant stingray that come for food on a daily basis. Other activities include joining a submarine tour and diving at one of the Cayman Island’s 365 diving sites.

All-Round Fun in Grenada

Located in the West Indies, the small island nation of Grenada is quickly becoming a hotspot for holidaymakers. Picture dazzling beaches, dense rainforests and an underwater sculpture park. With a rich colonial history that still exists in St George today, Grenada provides the all-around tourist experience. Some visitors spend their days on the beach sunbathing under the hot Caribbean sun. Others go snorkelling and explore a little bit of the island’s past and cultural heritage. But the real highlight is the chance to spend your mornings sunbathing, the afternoon experiencing the rainforest and sipping cocktails to the sound of reggae in the evening. Compared to other islands in the Caribbean, Grenada is safer giving visitors the chance to explore outside of their resort.

Jamming in Jamaica

The Caribbean’s most well-known destination has a reputation for beaches, reggae and Bob Marley. Tourists can make the most of hundreds of kilometres of tropical coastline and an abundance of water sports. Add in the tropical climate and every day is a beach day. Most resorts offer unparalleled luxury with highly attentive staff and endless amenities. If you can drag yourself away from the pool for a few hours, check out the spectacular sunset on the beach. Other highlights include teeing off in some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, wildlife spotting in Jamaica’s rainforest or simply swinging in a hammock next to the beach.

A Caribbean Getaway

The Caribbean offers everything from isolated beaches and some of the world’s best diving spots to chilling out with a cocktail listening to reggae. It doesn’t matter what type of experience you’re craving, one of the islands in the Caribbean will provide it. Don’t spare on the cash and splash out to have a truly memorable vacation in this magnificent part of the world.

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