Top 5 summer activities In Verbier

Verbier may be known as one of the most exciting ski resorts in Europe, but the charming Swiss mountain village has plenty to offer visitors throughout the summer months as well.

Nestled in a south facing slope of the enigmatic Swiss Alps, Verbier is an ideal retreat for visitors that are looking to escape city life, immerse yourself in nature and engage in a range of enthralling activities.

Whether you’re looking for adrenalin-fuelled adventures, an activity to test your stamina or improve a particular skill, Verbier has plenty to offer visitors in the summer.

Mountain Biking

Verbier has invested a significant amount of time, money and effort into developing a top-notch bike park for downhill mountain bikers and cross-country enthusiasts of all levels.

As a result, the mountainside boasts 12km of marked downhill trails, 213km of ‘enduro’ trails and 500m of cross-country trails. To say mountain-bikers are provided with thrills and a test of endurance in a stunning environment of natural beauty is an understatement.

Trail Running

If long-distance running is your thing, Verbier does not disappoint. As a matter of fact, the Swiss village hosts the annual Trail Verbier St Bernard Ultra Marathon in the first week of July.

The Verbier Ultra Marathon is one of Europe’s top running events and has four different options including a family-friendly 6km run. Even if you’re not interested in an organised event, you can be rest assured there are plenty of opportunities to go trail running throughout the summer.


Adrenaline junkies that enjoy living on the edge, should try hydro-speeding. It’s a fairly new extreme sport which involves hurtling down river rapids on an inflatable bodyboard. Needless to say it’s more physically demanding than whitewater rafting.

The river Rhone in the valley just below Verbier throws up some wild torrents that make for a fast and enjoyable hydro-speeding experience. The activity is not as dangerous as it sounds though. All you have to do is move with the natural movement of the water which is quite easy to do despite being physically challenging.


The Swiss Alps, as you can imagine, is a formidable sight from above – especially in the summer. The raking mountains and dense forests make paragliding, or parapenting as it’s known in Verbier, a thrilling and visually engaging experience.

Verbier is actually a great place to learn how to paraglide. You don’t need any previous experience or levels of fitness to start. Even if you’re not interested in learning and just want to go up out of curiosity, you will find paragliding pilots that will handle the reigns. All you have to do is relax and admire the view.

Summer Skiing

Skiing enthusiasts with young families should take advantage of the summer skiing opportunities in Verbier to teach the little ones how to master the slopes whilst season is closed.

Regular summer skiing has not been a feature in Verbier since the glacier receded in the 1980’s, but they do open their slopes for several days in mid-July. You can even stay in traditional mountain chalet.

If you’re looking for something different from your summer holiday this year, you will find it in Verbier.

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