Top 5 restaurants in Mykonos

Whether you are looking for beach-side dining, spectacular views or traditional Greek tavernas, Mykonos has it all when it comes to fine dining spots.

For an island that celebrates diversity, it is not surprising that there is a plethora of restaurants on offer that are either buried within the cosy whitewashed alleys in town or sprawled across the many miles of cost line.

Fish is in abundance, mezze is widely served and local Greek wine punches with the quality of many of its European counterparts without the price tag.

In short, some of the best food on the Mediterranean can be found in this particular corner of the Aegean Sea, and we’ve picked out the best of the lot.

Top 5 restaurants in Mykonos

Ling Ling

Located in the centre of the old town on the former Philippi site, Ling Ling Mykonos is an open-air restaurant and bar, private dining and lounge, handmade for island living and late-night frolics.

The Cantonese menu of small dishes is inspired by the signature cuisine at Hakkasan and local ingredients of Greece.

World-class mixologists create innovative cocktails to a soundtrack from resident DJS taking you through the night.

Buddha Bar

Boasting an unrivalled mix of good food and great views, Buddha Bar Beach is spoilt by its culinary expertise and its gorgeous natural surrounds.

The restaurant fuses Mediterranean & Greek cuisine with Buddha-Bar specialities. Classics such as sushi, dumplings and Thai curry are mixed with a wide selection of fish dishes that pay homage to its unique locality.

At night there is a backdrop of majestic blues as DJs and Buddha-Bar mixologists up the ante, creating a perfect wind-down spot that engages all five senses.

Pasta Fresca Barkia

Nestled in Barkia, one of the most central areas of Mykonos Town, Pasta Fresca Barkia offers an unrivalled selection of good Mediterranean food right in the heart of the island.

The menus read like a bible of mouth watering pastas and pizzas, with a board outside showcasing all of the different pasta types on offer.

You won’t be disappointed with your selection, but you may need to head back if you want to really put the menu to the test.


As one of Mykonos’s premiere destinations Nammos oozes sophistication.

From the moment you drop off the car you are whisked away to an exclusive part of the island that features some of the best designers and an unrivalled beach experience.

The restaurant lies at the top of the beach and opens up the treasures of the sea as well as boasting an impressive meat and Greek selection.

Cocktails are to die for and the wine list is expansive, making for a wonderfully serene experience.

Hippie Fish 

Hippie Fish’s philosophy, or the “Hippie Theory”, as they have coined it, is born out of the need to give Mykonos a unique dining experience and offer something out of the ordinary, and they undoubtedly succeed with that.

The ambience is remarkably chic and relaxed, with tranquil views across the sea complemented by oak decor and curious trinkets that adorn the bar and restaurant.

The food and wine works harmoniously and the freshness of the produce really shouts out.

A tribute to its locality.


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