Top 5 Dubai Theme Parks for Everyone Who is a Kid Heart

No matter how old you become, there is a soft corner in your heart that still craves to go back to the days of your childhood. Moreover, suppose someone gives you this opportunity, would you not love to rewind and be a little kid again? Well, then, there is good news for you! Now you can avail Mumbai to Dubai flights booking at low cost and enjoy yourself at the biggest theme parks situated there. So, what are you waiting for? Surely the sale is still on at Yatra or the similar travel giants so that you can fulfill your naughty and impulsive wishes! Moreover, once you do visit Dubai, these are the top 5 theme parks that you must visit to bring out the child in you.

  1. IMG Worlds of Adventure: You can say that you’ve seen Dubai if you have not been to the IMG Worlds of Adventure. The first of its kind in Dubai, this theme park is the largest indoor theme park in the world where you can chill out with your friends and family. However, if you think that you can escape sweating in this air-conditioned park, you are highly mistaken; you better be warned that the adventurous rides there would give you a chill down your spine and make the sweat trickle down your forehead as you almost get a heart attack!
  2. Ski Dubai: Who said it doesn’t snow in Dubai? Of course, it does, provided you visit the right place; and, that perfect place for skiing in Dubai is none other than the indoor theme park, Ski Dubai. This ski resort offers you the time of your life while you enjoy with your friends and family. Moreover, if you are scared of falling and making a fool of yourself in front of everybody, you can always make a snowman or throw snowballs at your loved ones to irk them up.
  3. Wild Wadi Water Park: This water park is one of the most popular water parks in the world where the tourists can spend their day in fun and frolic. Themed on the character Juha of the Arabian tales, over 30 rides that are offered to the tourists would surely make you hear your heartbeat even during the shrieking of the crowd.
  4. Bollywood Theme Park: The Bollywood Parks, Dubai, is the first park in the world that is solely dedicated to the theme of Bollywood. The five entertainment zones in this park will surely make you run like a maniac especially if you want to complete experiencing the thrill of all the rides in one day. Don’t worry; when running around makes you too hungry, you can definitely order your favourite Indian cuisine in Dubai at the dining place there.
  5. Legoland: Don’t miss out on the highest and the greatest roller coaster ride in Dubai till date situated only at Legoland. Plus, if you are visiting Dubai with your children, skipping this place only to save the pocket pinch is out of the question; you should rather save by ensuring the Mumbai to Dubai flights booking at low cost.

The culture and the age-old traditions of a place are definitely important which is why you should assign plenty of time for that during your visit to Dubai. However, how long can you roam around with a dull face pretending to be interested in the things that bore you the most? This is why you should definitely try out these theme parks the next time you go to Dubai and relive your childhood days with your loved ones!

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