Top 5 destinations to go for spring holidays

When Spring time comes around, we most often think about nature and nice weather to stay out all day. While all of that is great fun and is exciting, for many of us Spring also means holiday time and the perfect opportunity to take a vacation, also because spring is the best time to go on vacations cheaply and without crowded destinations. Also, you could find your favourite paradise destinations where is almost impossible to go because of the price, and get the best deal. Finally some time off of work and quality time to spend with our family in the sunshine. Get your bathing suits, sunscreen and towels out for your adventure with the help of Opodo mobile app,  the ideal travel app for those looking for deals and the most comfortable way to plan a trip, that will help you plan your every move this summer and will ensure the most pleasurable experience possible.

Taking your spring celebrations to warm destinations will make for new memories with your family and friends. Here are the five best spring spots to visit for this upcoming April and May.

1. Palm Springs, California is an incredibly posh spot that you won’t want to miss this spring vacation in the sunshine. With many private pads available in Palm Springs to be very comfortably and relaxed, is the perfect location to go on spring and disconnect. There are tons of entertainment options nearby such as the Children’s Discovery Museum, The Living Desert Zoo, as well as tons of fine dining and trendy shops in the area.

2. The Alabama Gulf Coast is another popular Spring break spot due to it’s unbeatable temperatures and perfect, dreamy beaches.  The area has no shortage of rental homes right on the beach that allow both you and your family to make sandcastles, and play beach sports such as volleyball before a great seafood meal.  The Gulf State Park offers adventurous zip lining, and for those romantic’s sunset cruises are also available.

3. Destin, Florida hosts emerald green water with sugar-white sand located right on the coast of Florida. Destin is filled with child-friendly entertainment including dolphin cruises and pirate ship adventures.  There are also tons of concerts and firework shows in the evening. Local restaurants serve divine seafood and are an attraction in and of themselves.  Destin is one of the top spots to visit over spring.

4. Orlando, Florida is known as the Theme Park Capital of the World, making it a dream spot for your children, and one that they will never forget. They will be given the chance to meet their favorite characters as well enjoy family quality time together.

5. San Fransico, California is ideal to visit in the spring time. Filled with exciting attractions, you will not be disappointed by this special city. From the Golden Gate Park to Fisherman’s Wharf, there is always something for everyone.  A cost efficient method to traveling is engaging in a house swap. This will also provide you with a more local experience and will provide you with the most comfort possible.  Other popular tourist attractions include the California Academy of Science, an impressive zoo, rainforest, planetarium and aquarium, as well as the Exploratarium.

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