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Tips to find a cheaper holiday in 2017

Are you aware of all the tips on how to book yourself a cheaper holiday?


Get cheap flights

Make sure you delete your browsing history before you book your flights. Many sites track cookies on your browser and increase the prices of flights each time you visit the site.

Don’t be afraid of stop overs in other cities. You can get extremely cheap long-haul flights from other European cities. For example; flying from Sofia, Bulgaria to Dubai can cost you a mere £150.

The best days to fly are Tuesday and Thursday, because you avoid the busy business commuters and those off on a weekend escape.

Try looking for outbound and return flights separately, as they can sometimes work out cheaper when you fly with two different airlines.

If you have to fly with school age children, keep in mind that summer holidays will be very expensive. However, the last week in August and the first week in September are a lot cheaper than the rest of the holiday period.

Alternatively, try travelling during the October half term instead. The weather is not perfect in the Mediterranean, but it’s always sunny in Florida. If that’s outside your budget, try Morocco or the Canary Islands.


Get cheap hotel rooms

Hotel rooms are at their cheapest one month in advance, and at their highest two to three months in advance. The prices will also increase as you get closer to the actual date, but they’ll still be lower than they were at the two to three month period.

Private pools are notorious for adding several hundreds of pounds onto your rental cost. Instead, book a villa near a beach. That way, you’ll be able to still swim, but it will cost you a lot less.

If you’re planning a weekend city escape, try looking in the business districts for cheap rooms. London, New York, Zurich and Brussels all have amazing weekend rates in their business districts. Although it may be a bit quieter, you’ll be able to find much better rates than you would elsewhere.


Live cheaply while you’re there

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The cost of holiday activities can be as much, if not more, than you spend on flights and hotels. Make sure you look at the exchange rates across different providers, as this can net you a bit more holiday cash than you had initially thought.

If you’re looking for a cheap beach holiday, the best destinations are Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria. If you’re not a beach fan and prefer the city, the best city breaks are Krakow, Prague and Budapest.

Save money on transport by walking. Many European cities – Paris, Vienna, Venice, Amsterdam, Rome and Madrid – are very compact. You’ll easily be able to navigate the city, and walking gives you a better opportunity to sightsee. Use apps such as Citymapper to easily navigate from point to point.

If you’re low on cash, make sure you prepare food at the hotel. If you run out of money while you’re there, a short term personal loan can tide you over till you get home.

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