Third of Brits won’t leave UK this year due to Brexit uncertainty

New research has revealed a third (36%) of Brits will opt for staycations over foreign travel in 2019 as a result of the uncertainty caused by Brexit.  

The findings have discovered that almost half (47%) of Brits believe Brexit will make trips abroad more difficult for UK travellers and the majority (56%) think holidays will become more expensive.

Indeed, the average couple expects to spend almost £1,000 to holiday abroad this year, compared to just £574.10 if they were to do a staycation in the UK. As a result, two out of five (40%) plan to take multiple domestic trips in 2019, according to research by VoucherCodes.

Other findings include.

  • Over half the population (56%) fear holidays will be more expensive as a result of Brexit, with a third (36%) of the population avoiding foreign travel in 2019
  • The average couple will need to spend £987.50 to go abroad together in 2019 compared to £584.10 for a staycation in the UK
  • Two out of five (43%) Millennials admit Brexit will impact their decisions in 2019 – 1 in 4 (25%) will cut down on holidays and 1 in 10 (11%) will postpone buying a property
  • A third (35%) of Millennials worry that Brexit could lead to unemployment – two out of five (39%) hope to get a new job in 2019 and a quarter (23%)plan to study for anew qualification

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