The ultimate travel guide to Agrigento

Agrigento is a hidden gem along the south coast of Sicily. Once considered the driving force of the golden era of the Ancient Greek civilization, the city now rests, propped upon the remnants of the ruins of the once glorious empire. Nestled amongst these ruins is the Valley of the Temples, a World Heritage Site that put Agrigento back into the spotlight. Amongst the archeological finds and the plush select Sicily villas, Agrigento becomes the bridge between the past and the present.

If wanderlust leads you to Agrigento, here are some things to do and places to see to make the most of your trip:


If you are a traveler who likes to forge your own way than follow beaten down paths, then make your way to Menfi. The quaint town located in south-west Sicily still thrives on the rich cultural heritage passed down from generations. The scenic view of the town is accentuated by the peaceful azure beaches. If the beach does not beckon you, the locally produced wine definitely will. Vast areas of the land under grape cultivation constitute the epicenter of all wineries and wine-making activities. Sip on some fine wine and settle into the Select Sicily villas for the ultimate vacation. Located along the vineyards, you rent out prime property to live the life of the rich and famous. Blend in with the locals as you participate in the local festivals centered on the ancient city of Inycon, where Menfi now stands. Even if your trip does not concur with the festival times, you could always visit the historic palazzi and try out the delicious cuisines. Don’t forget to pair your gastronomic adventure with some of the best Menfi wines to tickle your palate.

Verdura Golf Club

While you are in and around Menfi, you might also want to give the Verdura Golf Club a visit. Constructed under the able leadership of Sir Rocco Forte, who employed Kyle Phillips, a golf architect, the Verdura Golf Club is the largest golf club in the whole of South Italy! It combines the course lying in the warmer Mediterranean areas with the cooler British coasts. The interweaving of the East with West is a delightful experience. Putt the balls and make your way through scenic routes as you progress in the game. Some holes are located at the beach side while others are near precarious cliffs; the undulating landscape forms an adventurous base for an exciting game of golf for all. Apart from accommodating a golf course, Verdura also expands into a spa resort that offers a much needed break from the daily routine of life. It is the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate. In fact, the luxurious Verdura golf and spa resort plays host to the PGA European Tour men’s professional tournament, famously known as the Sicilian Open.


Walking through the Atenea is the closest you will come to time travel. Atenea will have you hurtling into the past as you weave your way through the Arabic main roads. The multitudes of shops, coffee houses, and boutiques will offer you souvenirs and gourmet delights. Wandering through the interconnected maze of streets, you will definitely encounter a local treasure such as the Ricotta-based Pecorino ice cream.

Regional Archeological Museum of Agrigento (Pietro Griffo)

Speaking of the past, the Regional Archeological Museum of Agrigento is a time capsule where time has come to a standstill. The Museum houses the story of Agrigento, right from the prehistoric times to its rise and fall. The major attractions of the museum include the Telamon, an impressive column from the Temple of Olympian Zeus. The Ephebe of Agrigento, a marvelously sculpted statue of a boy, is a testament to the skilled artists of Ancient Greece. The variety of Greek vases and coins will leave any history nerd enthralled.

Cathedral of San Gerlando

If you are a connoisseur of architecture, then visiting the Cathedral of San Gerlando should feature highly on your list of places to visit. The late 11th century construction is a fine piece of art. Composed in a Norman-Gothic style, the entry to the Cathedral is a wide, sloping staircase bordered by the 15th century bell tower that stands unfinished even to this day.

The Garden of the Kolymbetra

Walk through nature’s bounty and experience the Mediterranean vegetation first-hand. Located near the Valley of Temples, the Garden of Kolymbetra supports scrubs like walnuts, pistachio, mulberry, citrus, pomegranate, and carob. It is also a hub for concerts, exhibitions, and events to attract more tourists.
At the end of the day, one needs a place to relax after covering these tourist destinations. Select Sicily Villas offer a home away from home. Situated in posh areas, these rental accommodations offer premium services and luxuries. The Le Cicale, located in Menfi-Porto Palo (West Sicily) can house a maximum of 8 guests. For a larger group, you can head to Villa Bonera, which can accommodate 10 guests at Menfi-Porto Palo. Around the same region is the I Cipressi, which can house up to 10 guests. In Sciacca (West Sicily Italy), 4 guests can comfortably put up in Casa Alba. On the other hand, Villa Bordea can take in 8 to 9 guests in Sciacca too. Stay in the lavish Select Sicily Villas to experience extravagance even while traveling.

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