This country is due to close for a weekend in April, here’s why…

That’s right, an entire country (the Faroe Islands) is closing for one weekend this spring.

The Faroe Islands this week announced it will be closed for maintenance from Friday 26th April until Sunday 28th April, meaning no tourists will be able to visit during this time. 

The volcanic islands, made up of 18 archipelagos, is shutting to repair and maintain its delicate ecosystem. It also wants to protect itself from the damage that could be caused by overtourism.

Guðrið Højgaard, director of Visit Faroe Islands, said:
“For us, tourism is not all about numbers. We welcome visitors to the islands each year, but we also have a responsibility to our community and to our beautiful environment, and our aim is to preserve and protect the islands, ensuring sustainable and responsible growth.”

However, the tiny, self-governed group of islands, technically part of the Danish realm, is inviting 100 volunteers to join the ‘Faroese Maintenance Crew’. Helpers will assist locals and give the volcanic islands, which receives around 100,000 tourists a year, some ‘TLC’. Jobs will include repairing well-trodden areas and putting up signs.

Volunteers will be given three days worth of food and accommodation for helping out. The Faroes’ Prime Minister, Aksel V. Johannesen, has joined the campaign by inviting volunteers to lend a helping hand.

FUN FACT: The island has more sheep (80,000) than people (50,000).

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