The fame of Puerto Vallarta: one of the best Mexican travel destinations

Mexico is considered a perennial favorite for most American and non-American travelers in search of a beach gateway. However, not all beach destinations were created the same: Some of these stunning spots feel like they were created a few hours ago mere as an area to disgorge jumbo jets. Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, was a charming town terra-cotta tile roofs and famous cobblestone streets that cling to the lush green hillsides spilling into the water of Pacific Ocean.

If you are planning a tour in Puerto Vallarta, you may want to know why the region is famous.

Hip history and rich culture

Since the 1950s, artists and other creative individuals have been drawn to various spectacular sceneries and laid back the charm associated with Puerto Vallarta. For instance, Richard Burton and John Huston shot the popular Night of the Iguana nearby in 1963.

Besides, Puerto Vallarta has a vibrant culture art scene that surpasses sunset paintings. There are countless galleries that open for an Art Walk during Wednesday evenings in November through May. The Art Walk is associated with exhibitions, cocktails, and presents a chance for you to meet different artists, gallery owners, locals, and more. These locals can regale you with all the funny, true stories from the days when John Huston, Liz, and Dick caroused in Puerto Vallarta.

Besides, the area takes pride in its pre-Columbian heritage. There are Huichol Indians living in this area and are popular for bead art and yarn paintings in excellent colors. You will also find Huichol symbols embedded in the nearby seafront. These are a few of the unique cultural activities you are likely to find during your trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Interesting sites

The town is a huge draw for tourists and other people looking for interesting sites and history buffs. One of the central features of the town’s skyline is the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The entire building is dedicated to the patron saint of Mexico. This area attracts thousands of Catholic pilgrim during the popular 12-day festival associated with the saint.

Pristine beaches

The Puerto Vallarta features miles of beaches. Right from secluded estuaries to hopping hotspots, this Mexican resort tow meets surpasses the expectations of its visitors. Located in the Romanic Zone (Zona Romantica) Los Muertos remains to be the most popular beach in this region. It’s also among the liveliest beaches in Puerto Vallarta.

During your trip to Puerto Vallarta, you will have an opportunity to access other popular beaches and great hotels. For instance, the southern section of the Los Muertos is part of Blue Chairs Resort. This is the most popular gay beach in this region. Playa de Oro beach is also another popular spot for people seeking fun during their holidays.


The waters surrounding this popular town are a great spot for deep-sea fishers. Puerto Vallarta is also associated with horseback riding, snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, and other popular sea activities.

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