Switch Off and Unplug in Greenland

Wake up, grab your phone, check your emails, and log in to Facebook, before you’ve even brushed your teeth. This is an everyday reality for most Brits who live a life dependant on technology, but what if all that scrolling is bad for our health?

According to a recent study, “the average young Briton aged 16- 24 spends 27 hours per week on the internet”, that’s almost the same amount of time as the average working week.   Fatigue, stress and depression are linked to the technology obsessed mentality of this generation, so it’s time to unplug from the modern world, venture deep into an internet free land and give your mobile a well-deserved sleep. There’s no better place to do just that than the remote landscapes of Greenland; the home of glaciers, lagoons and luxury holidays bookable with the likes of Baltic Travel Company.

The internet is so expensive you won’t be tempted

Greenland is not known for being the cheapest destination, and the internet is no bargain. With 3 hours of internet costing around £18 you would be better off spending your pennies on a helicopter ride, or a night at the Hotel Icefiord overlooking the sculptural glaciers of Disko Bay.

Detach from Civilisation

Forget about Spotify and travel to Siorapaluk, the last inhabited place before the North Pole where only sixty people live. When in the middle of the arctic, Facebook will be the last thing on your mind, and you’ll be lucky if you can get signal. Travelling through Greenland feels like exploring another planet free from technology. When staring at the vast skylines above a frozen turquoise ocean surrounded by ice white mountains, you will forget all about the emails on your to-do list.

Put down your phone and be amazed by the Aurora Borealis

Also known as the Northern Lights, the Aurora Borealis are nature’s light show. Beneath the midnight sky witness what happens when gaseous particles collide and neon greens, purples and blues, swirl and dance like a natural firework display. This is not a selfie moment; it’s a time to appreciate the present.

In fact a digital detox will help you to concentrate on living in the moment, rather than distracting yourself with news updates and messages, which could help reduce anxiety. When we receive stimulants like social media notifications our body releases dopamine which is linked to anxiety and stress. A digital detox in Greenland will give you the time and space to cut down on your social media usage and focus on relaxing under the Northern Lights.

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