Summer, sun, sex and…marriage?

Did your holiday romance stand the test of time?

At 100 days since the start of summer, reveals the secrets of the British holiday romance

By Neil Kook



Results of a new survey by leading online travel agent loveholidays have revealed the true secrets of Briton’s holiday romances, but are we as naughty as we are often made out to be?

Summertime, a time to let down your hair down and hit the beach with your friends, feeling relaxed and care-free. Loveholidays set out to discover the steamy mysteries of finding love on vacation, with some rather surprising results.

The recent survey of more than 700 holidaymakers revealed that over half found love on holiday, and many of them more than once. With two thirds of holidaymakers abiding by the motto ‘What goes on tour stays on tour’, it’s easy to assume the holiday romance is more fling than the real thing. But, according to statistics, what goes on tour, doesn’t stay as far away as you might think.

Indeed, the new research shows that 30% of holiday romances do, in fact, stand the test of time. One in six survive over a year after returning from holiday and one in ten result in marriage! So if 10 holiday romances is all you need to find your future spouse, perhaps going on holiday is just the aphrodisiac we may be looking for.

 Despite the unexpected number of lasting romances, a number of Brits reaffirm our ‘naughty’ reputation. The survey shows:

·        Over half of us would kiss someone for a dare whilst on holiday 

·        13% of us have kissed more than 3 people in a night while abroad

·        One in five have forgotten the name of a holiday romance the next morning

·        11% would sleep with the holiday romance the first night they met

·         A daring 4% of flirty holiday makers have gotten a tattoo to mark their holiday romance

This is not exactly scandalous but the tattoo is perhaps, probably a mistake, especially if combined with sunstroke and alcohol.

 Further results show that over one in four of us admit to looking for something different from our holiday romance than what we look for when back at home. A third of people find good looks most important in their holiday love, and the huge majority would choose someone who makes them laugh. Only a small percentage (3% combined) would go for intellect and stimulating conversation.

Whether you’re after a hot bartender, Mr. Right (or Mrs Right), or indeed a Mr or Mrs Wrong, or perhaps just a secluded sandy beach, want to match you to that perfect holiday.

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