Sandcastle-building butlers are a thing now

What do you get the kid who has it all? If they’re heading for a beach holiday, it’s a personal beach butler, of course.

If you can tear them away from their iPhones and Game Boys (!), your diddums can soon make some amazing-looking sandcastles with these beachy Jeeves-like characters at hand.

The concierges, a new idea from travel company Oliver’s Travels, are in the process of being specially trained. Once they’re officially sandcastle aficiandos, they’ll set over-rich parents back £500 for the day, and £300 for half a day, leaving said over-rich parents to concentrate on daquiris and arguments. Probably.

The beach butlers will begin with a brainstorm to conjure up some wild sandcastle ideas, whether that’s a plan to recreate Elsa from Frozen or a cute minion.

Shark sand sculpture

Or Jaws.

Blueprints will then be drawn up to help build the sand sculpture and once approved, the beach will be inspected to find the best quality sand – most likely a place that’s away from the tide and passers-by. The rest of the day will then be spent constructing the sandcastle.

At the end of the alloted time, we reckon it will be almost obligatory to marvel at the work, take photos with it, kick it in with obscene amounts of pleasure, then go get chips. Hurrah!

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