Returning from holiday? You’ll be ready for another one in a month

Do you ever feel like you need another holiday to recover from your holiday? Well, according to new research it takes Brits just 29 days after they return from their jollies to feel like they need another one.

Just over four weeks after your last holiday or mini-break has been identified as the point where fatigue starts to set in, work performance starts to slide and we feel the need to get away from the daily grind.

Eating more comfort food than usual was named the biggest sign you are in need of a break, along with being jealous at the sight of a friend’s holiday snaps, not being able to face your to-do list and finding it difficult to make small talk with colleagues.

And those who don’t get regular breaks admit to feeling more stressed, being less productive and more likely to make mistakes at work.

But the study of 2,000 adults by Holiday Inn Express also found 60 per cent of Brits are now ditching flip flops for trainers and embarking on micro-adventures instead of boozy weekends, as people look to make the most of their time off work.

Mike Greenup, Vice President Brand Management, Holiday Inn Express, said: “Everyone knows getting away can be restorative and help counterbalance our busy work lives.

“But it’s interesting to see just how often people feel they need to be having a break to remain happy, productive and stress-free.

“We have noticed people are seeking out an increasing amount of adventure getaways and experiences that are affordable and easily achievable.

“Many are also looking to make the most of the UK and explore what is in their back yard rather than venturing too far afield.”


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