These are the most reliable airlines in the World

A list of the most reliable airlines in the World has been revealed, with UK carriers largely absent from the list.

North American airline GoJet was the most reliable carrier out of a list of 40 global airlines.

Air China and Air Asia came out as the two worst airlines, with 43 per cent of Air Asia flights being delayed for just under an hour on average.

Japan based ANA and frequent ‘best airline’ winner Air New Zealand round out the top three with impressive scores across the board.

Get Going spokesperson Brooke Tucker comments: “The recent spate of flight delays, computer hacking and airlines going bust are just some of the things UK travellers have had to put up over the last few months. People heading-off on a winter break need the reassurance that things will go according to plan when they book their flight.

“We want travellers/ consumers to be confident in the choices that they make and this research highlights how some airlines far outweigh others, but there is always a chance that things can go wrong; the recent case of  Monarch going bust is one of many things that we were unable to predict.”

The full results can be seen below:


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