Plane with 84 plumbers on board forced to return to airport due to problems with the toilets

A Norwegian plane with 84 plumbers on board had to return to Oslo due to problems with the toilets.

The flight, which was destined for Munich, took off at 08:35 UTC but returned to Olso 1 hour later to fix the problem.

Acording to Dagbladet, there were 84 plumbers who were on their way out for a trip to Munich with their plumbing company Rørkjøp.

The managing director of the company, Frank Olsen said that they would have liked to fix the toilet, but unfortunately it had to be done from the outside.

The technicians at Oslo Airport fixed the problem and the plane could once again took off to Munich.

A spokesperson for Norwegian said: “Flight DY1156 from Oslo to Munich on Saturday January 27 returned to Oslo due to a technical fault with the toilet.

“The aircraft was repaired and continued with the flight later that day.

“We would like to thank passengers for their patience and would like to apologise for the inconvenience.”


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