The perfect trip for every type of traveller

We all know that different types of travellers exist in the world, but knowing which one you are can actually be difficult, particularly if you’re not a seasoned tourist. Thankfully, we have so many options given to us, that we’re sure there is a destination and method of transport out there to suit everyone.

So, which one of these do you think fits you?

Slow and steady

In essence, every holiday can be taken as easy as you want it to be, but if you’re after something where you can truly relax and let go, then it’s definitely a cruise holiday. Today’s ships are all incredibly plush and the rooms look as good as any of the best hotels out there. Most cruises last around 9 days and will usually take you to about 4-5 cities or islands, but between those, you’ve got the open sea, sun, and a lot of fun activities (like surf simulators, outdoor movies, mini-golf and great restaurants and bars). Check out Royal Caribbean to see where you can go and take it from there.

Luxurious life

New York, London, Rome and Paris are all very wealthy places where you can shop and dine like royalty if you want to, but what’s perhaps more important is how you get there. Arrive on a commercial flight? No thanks. Maybe a train? Absolutely not. Private jet? Now you’re talking. If you’re all about the luxurious life and won’t settle for second best when it comes to your holidays, then taking a private jet to your destination is the way to go. You can skip security checks and arrive at your plane only a few minutes before departure. Though renting one might seem expensive, the prices have dropped significantly in recent years. For understanding more on private jet costs, JetApp has described where all the money goes.


Want to feel like you’re the last person on Earth? It doesn’t get much more isolated than in Finnish Lapland, where you can experience the Northern Lights (from around September to March), acres of crisp white snow, and perhaps most importantly, blissful silence. This is a quiet area where you can get away from the noise and busyness of regular city life. Salla, Saariselkä and Kilpisjarva are perhaps the top 3 places to visit if you want a great view of the Lights (or Aurora Borealis). There are, of course, many places in the world where you can be alone, but none quite so stunning as Finnish Lapland. We definitely recommend renting a cosy cabin though, as temperatures reach as low as -15 Celsius.

Adrenaline junkie

For adrenaline junkies, is experiencing the extreme ever sufficient for you? Well, that we don’t know, but all we can offer is a few tips to help you sustain that rush. Mt. Toubkal in Morocco is reportedly one of the best areas in the world for mountain biking, as the hills are steep, the road is tough, the sun is brutal, but the experience is unforgettable. Ecuador also has a great selection of extreme activities, as a group called Ecuador Multisport offers paragliding, white water rafting, horse riding, and downhill biking. However, the most extreme holiday has to be trekking on Mt. Everest. Many have done it and come back feeling like they could take on anything, as there really is nothing like standing on the world’s tallest mountain.

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