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Network Fail: Fresh Waterloo chaos in five glorious tweets

Commuters faced fresh misery this morning as journeys in and out of London Waterloo were disrupted by faults with the signalling system.

Following weeks of delays and reduced services due to a £800m project to increase capacity the re-opening got off to a rocky start with delays and cancellations expected until midday.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “During the process of testing the complex signalling, we identified an issue in this safety-critical system which we are working to resolve.

“This will take some time to fix and a small number of early passenger trains may be delayed as a result.

“We are working hard to minimise delays to passengers, but safely is our number one priority.”

But that didn’t stop passengers taking to social media to express their frustration at the problems.

We’ve picked out five of the best:

Upgrade or Downgrade? 

Is there a cover up afoot?

Or some serious mis-reporting?


And back to reality


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