Londoners ditch staycations for holidays abroad

The upcoming bank holiday means we’re all thinking about our holiday plans – and a new survey has found that Londoners are less likely to stick to UK breaks than those from other parts of the nation.

The research, carried out by staycation travel company Back-Roads Touring, suggests Londoners visit less UK counties than any other residents. Instead, the historical and cultural landmarks they visit are likely to be far-flung attractions, with Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, the Inca Trail in Peru, Cambodia’s Angkor Wat coming out top – perhaps a result of London’s globally envied transport links.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Welsh are least likely to travel outside their home country, with nearly 90 per cent saying they would prefer to holiday in Wales.

The research also found that Scots came out as a nation of foodies, agreeing that being able to experience local ingredients and dishes is important when choosing a holiday destination within the UK.

But there was some agreement in what a stay ation should cover: 65 per cent said that visiting sights off the beaten track was important to them when choosing a holiday within the UK.

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