Humans allocated less space on flights than animals on their way to slaughter

Humans are allocated less space on flights than that given by law to cattle on their way to slaughter, shocking new research has revealed.

Based on a medium sized calf weighing 75kg (the average weight of a human) the legal entitlement for cattle in transportation is 0.5m.

On a flight, the average space per passenger is 0.35m2.

Kate Andrews, Loco2’s co-founder and COO behind the research comments on the findings: “As a train travel evangelist, I’m always looking for ways to enlighten frequent flyers on the benefits of getting a train, over flying.

“Environmental factors such as CO2 emissions are regrettably not a priority for all frequent travellers, so we decided to focus on a subject that would get attention – personal space.

“We were quite surprised by the results, in that all overland transport options allocate less space than the legal requirement for animals in transportation but were pleased to learn that trains are at the top of the transport list, when it comes to space.

“Out of the 544 frequent flyers we spoke to, 30 percent said they would still fly despite knowing trains provide more space due to their belief that Pan-European train travel is too complicated to book – this is where we come in.

“At Loco2 we have gone to great lengths to make booking a train in the UK and across Europe in a single transaction just as easy (and sometimes cheaper) than booking a flight, and we hope this campaign will urge people to give trains a chance.”

To show how this compares with the assumptions of 544 frequent flyers, Loco2 asked them to rank each transport mode, based on their understanding of how much space each passenger is allocated:

The reality (most spacious to least spacious)What frequent flyers said (most spacious to least spacious)
Cattle truck (100cm x 500cm = 0.5m2)           Car
Train (85cm x 47cm = 0.39m2)Train
Bus (80cm x 44cm = 0.35m2)Plane
Plane (78cm x 45cm = 0.35m2)Coach
Coach (76cm x 43cm = 0.32m2)Bus
Car (68cm x 43cm = 0.29m2)Cattle truck


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  1. What an absolutely idiotic, crass piece of cheap journalism. Comparing someone sat in a luxurious, supportive seat, being carried to some dream location, for pleasure, with an intelligent, sentient and innocent fellow earthling being dragged to a bloody and terrifying death. Jack Peat, maybe you should find a job with the propaganda department of the dairy industry. This is so sad and an embarrassment to good penmanship. 😳

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