How to spend time between traveling in a fun and interesting way

For those who do a lot of travelling the problem is more than familiar. During lengthy flights or bus trips you sit, blankly staring out of the window and watching the time idly pass by along with the monotonous scenery. Similarly hopeless is the situation when you are stuck in the airport and the time between the flights is short enough not to allow you go seeing the city, but long enough to drive you crazy for doing nothing. But isn’t there a solution to the problem? There is a number of ways in which you can deal with the situation. Here are only a few of them.

Trying Local Food

National cuisine is an integral part of the culture, and this is why it may be a good idea to widen your understanding of local culture by taking a chance and visiting one of national restaurants at the airport where you have to spend long hours waiting for the registration to start. See it in a positive way. Nowadays we seldom have an opportunity to carefully taste and appreciate our meal. In this particular instance long hours of wait allow you not only to get formally acquainted with local food, but also to do it carefully, without unnecessary fuss. Enjoy your opportunity while it is available.

Duty Free Stores

Another wise investment of your spare time between flights is shopping at duty free stores. Many people find this kind of shopping to be very rewarding since dedicating your precious tour hours to shopping. However, everybody likes shopping abroad for something that is not to be found or is hard to be found at their local stores. This may vary from clothes and cosmetics to alcohol and food. Not less importantly, in duty free stores you can find goods significantly cheaper than in regular stores outside the airport. Thus quite frequently you may end up buying things you would not otherwise afford.


Considering modern superfast style of life we all less and less frequently have an opportunity to read. Thus, if you are stuck in the airport or are bored to death during your lengthy flight or bus ride, consider this as a nice opportunity to read. By far not everyone enjoys reading fiction books. But even besides fiction literature there is a lot to be read. You may read professional literature or news; you may read up on your next destination. This will save you a lot of time and effort since having arrived you will know something about the place and will be able to get about it. There is a lot to be learnt and thus easily enrich your experience.

Some people do not enjoy reading with their eyes or simply have poor eyesight. There is a great solution for these people as well. Nowadays there are many audio books available. If the information you wish to read is not available in audio format, you can still read it by means of your tablet, phone or laptop. There is special text-to-speech software which allows users to read any digital text aloud in almost any language. Modern synthesized voices sound very natural and you will enjoy your reading experience.

This brings us to yet another aspect. Many people do not read in the airports since they just do not feel like bringing heavy paper books along. At the same time they do not fully enjoy the experience of reading from the screen of their laptops or tablets. For such people audio books may also appear to be a solution. Alternatively, they may play around with available software, fonts and reading devices. Currently existing variety of such reading tools is capable to offer a solution for every user. Give it a try and you will find your perfect solution.

Playing Computer Games

Another effective way of spending time between the flights and even during lengthy flights or bus rides is playing computer games. You may get yourself one of portable gaming systems. Such can work autonomously and therefore even in case Internet is not available you can still have fun playing your favorite games. As yet another option you can download a few games on your phone or tablet. But do not forget, that playing games on your phone will cause you to quickly run out of battery power. Hence if you love playing games and spend a lot of time travelling a separate device may be a much better solution

There are many other ways to effectively and productively spend time during and between flights or bus rides. But even these simple tricks will turn the hours of idle sitting into meaningful experience. Think of other activities that you enjoy but hardly ever have enough time for. Work out the methods of adopting these occupations for the realities of a travel. Very shortly you will be surprised to find out that there is nothing you love more than journeys.

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