How to get fabulous cruises to Canary Islands

Most visitors on the Canary Islands in Southwestern Spain are attracted by 600 miles of coastline and its more than 500 beaches. In addition to the noisy resorts and lively nightlife, there are wild forests, craters, exotic lunar landscapes and ancient towns. These exotic islands have the ability to surprise. And cruises to Canary Islands may be the best option to go this season.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are very popular with the British, especially in winter, as they are some of the nearest places, guaranteeing sun, and warm weather. Most cruise ships leave from Southampton. The Canary Islands are also popular to visit in spring and autumn, which tend to attract more international passenger bases. Since these islands are part of Spain, Spanish is the official language; however, cruisers will find that most locals speak English.

Each of the islands of the Canary Islands has different landscapes to explore during the tour, but in addition, thanks to their mountains, all islands have a pleasant spring climate. Sand dunes, volcanic peaks, lava rocks and virgin forests are just a few examples of different landscapes. The Canary Islands have a great biodiversity. Many species that occupy these islands are very unusual such as their stunning landscapes. Canary Islands cruises are a popular choice for visitors from all over the world. These islands are particularly popular with Europeans. Years of various foreign influences have led to an eclectic Canarian culture.

Health Information when traveling by cruises

In recent decades, the cruise industry has expanded from 17 million passengers in 2009 to 24 million in 2017. The cruise itinerary includes all continents, ranging in length from an average of a week to a few months.

People think that cruising is quiet, but this is often far from the case. Port activities and event schedules, as well as short trips to the port, can be exhausting, this is why visitors are advised to stay as healthy as possible before boarding.

The supply of medicines on board is limited, and individuals should carry their own regular medicines with them, at least enough to cover the duration of travel. It is also useful to use a copy of any current duplicate prescription as a backup. This is why it is important to know the basic health information for travelers.

Cruises from UK

When taking cruises from UK coast consider- no lengthy security checks, almost no baggage restrictions and almost every port parking lot – not surprisingly, there are more people choosing to sail from the UK. According to cruise industry agency Clia UK & Ireland, 912,000 passengers (accounting for nearly half of the British cruisers, 1.9 million) started a “no-fly” cruise holiday last year.

The range of destinations that can be reached can be surprising. Not only you are able to visit Canary Islands, there are lots of options like visiting the Mediterranean coast, the Norwegian fjords, the Baltic Sea and the British Isles. In addition, there are further voyages to Australia and South America, as well as some global voyages.

For the young cruiser, the Disney Cruises is sailing in the UK, Norway, and Dover, and this summer the Norwegian cruise company will return to Southampton to bring the brand’s flexible “freestyle” cruise back to the British cruiser. At Tyne Harbor in Newcastle, the Thomson Cruises debuted this summer with 12 sailings, and for Liverpool, 2017 is the 10th anniversary of the cruise port.

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