How to choose the perfect wardrobe for your trip to London

London is one of the known fashion capitals in Europe, rivaling Paris as a center for the latest trends. It is home to many prominent fashion houses and brands like Alexander McQueen, Burberry, Vivienne Westwood and Sir Paul Smith. It is understandable if you want to fit in while travelling to the city; after all, people from here set fashion trends that are followed around the world. But do you really need to?

London is a diverse city that is made up with people from many ethnic groups, meaning fashion for many people there is a bit subjective. To help you decide what pieces you need, and what essential accessories will help give you that perfect London look, consider these suggestions when going to London as a tourist.

Check the Weather

London is notorious for having gloomy weather, but others prefer to describe the city’s weather as comparable to having four seasons in a day. The weather can change without warning; if you leave your hotel on a seemingly sunny day you may regret not bringing your umbrella.

The city experiences rain no matter the “season”, it has a temperate oceanic climate. Make sure you are prepared with your fashionable jacket, trench coat, umbrella and a pair of rubber boots. Always consider wearing layers. You need to strongly consider the climate and weather, rather than thinking about the opinion of fashionistas in the street.

Dress Like a Local

Generally speaking, Londoners tend to wear casual clothing daily, sometimes even in the office. You do not have to feel ashamed if you are comfortable wearing jeans and normal tops while walking along the streets of London. In terms of shoes, you need to prioritize comfort, since the majority of transportation in London will be on foot.

If you like wearing white t-shirts, you might consider changing swapping to black while in London, since black is the predominant color choice for casual clothing. Refrain from wearing souvenir shirts if you don’t want to stand out and be easily spotted as a tourist. As a traveler, you are likely equipped with a big backpack, but if you are planning to walk around the city, make sure you leave it in your hostel or hotel. Londoners prefer carrying mini bags, which are just big enough to carry essentials.

Be You

London is big and teeming with cultural diversity. It is indeed a fashion hub, but many normal folk do not bother about trying to keep up with the latest trends. If you are going on a tour around the city, you are not likely to meet fashion snobs since they do not hang out in touristy areas. London is more than just a fashion haven; it is also considered the comedy capital of the world. People here find comedy as a form of art; they take it seriously. So, rather than spending time thinking about your outfit of the day, just wear what you want and be you.

Think Practical

London fashion is actually based on playing with layers, so be smart about the layering you are going to do. A cleverly layered ensemble will keep you comfortable during the heat of the day time, but still make you feel cozy after the sun goes down. Always be prepared with scarves, – they are probably the most fashionably diverse thing in your wardrobe. If you are visiting museums and the like, you need to wear something comfortable, because you are going to do a lot of walking. If you want to experience nightlife in London, you should opt for a classy dress. Going to the club and eating at fancy restaurants are the best time for you to up your fashion game.

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