Hot weather delays holidays

New research has found Brits are delaying their summer holidays because of the hot weather at home.

The Travelex study found one in five have delayed summer holiday due to a scorcher summer in the UK and a fifth are planning a Spanish getaway during colder months. This could be motivated by the fact that 43 per cent said they would holiday between October and December because the prices are cheaper and 31 per cent would go away during these months for a bit of winter sun. Surprisingly, 23 per cent said they always holiday at this time.

The delayed summer breaks has prompted Brits to make the most of the summer at home, with London now the top destination for a staycation. Financial pressures and hot weather has led to an increasing amount of Brits ditching the expensive holidays abroad for places such as Devon, Brighton and Cornwall, although the majority (29 per cent) said they would head to the capital.

See below for a full list of the top UK Holiday Destinations in 2014:

London, Devon, Brighton

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