Heart melting! Inspirational pics of children walking with elephants to school

We used to walk, well run, to school being chased by the bigger boys, but in Eastern Thailand you get a much bigger companion to accompany you to school.

The bullies wouldn’t have messed we us, if we had these animals taking us to double maths.

These two kids walk to school with their two pet elephants, an animal revered in Thailand.


Nong, seven and Ong, five take a mile long walk cradling the young elephants ear with the older one following along to keep them company.

The siblings love their elephants so much they even lie down with them on grass clearings, if they need a rest, or even, do their homework!

These brilliant snaps were captured by Arunan Sathiyanathan, 36, on a visit to the childrens’ remote village in Surin province, in East Tailand.

Arunan from Chennai, India, said: ”I travelled through Thailand and heard about this small village where the people are very close to elephants.


”They have a lot of the creatures there. Every house has one or two elephants that they keep as pets. Even the hotels have a resident elephant.

”I noticed the two children with their pet elephants and arranged to take pictures of them walking the creatures to school.

”It was amazing how close they are. They can even lie down together with the young elephant and feel totally safe.

”The people of the village have a unique bond with the elephants that I don’t think is found anywhere else in the world.”


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