Gramping: The Rise of the Silver Skier

British families are gearing up to hit the slopes for the winter break, but this time with granny and granddad in tow as the financial squeeze instigates the rise of the silver skier.

A report released today by official Club Med ski report ‘Skiing Together, Generation Ski’, has found families travelling in groups is on the increase with grandparents taking on the bill for the trip, with 13 per cent of third generation travellers taking on financial responsibility for the family holiday.

The annual report, released today, also reveals that sun holidays have overtaken ski holidays as the more expensive holiday option, with the average spend on ski holidays in the UK at £2,262 in 2014 – compared to the average sun holiday at £2,292. Confidence amongst Club Med customers has increased when it comes to spending, with holidaymakers splashing four per cent more on their ski holiday than last year.

More than four in five (83 per cent) also admit they’re open to ‘gramping’ – holidaying with grandparents – on their next ski trip, highlighting a new trend in for extended families to travel together for snow holidays. Those who are looking to arrange a gramping ski holiday said it was the idea of shared memories and the opportunity to enjoy a holiday together that would motivate them to book a holiday on the slopes as an extended family group.

With a quarter of people travelling with children, respondents said it was increasingly important to use holiday time for kids to learn new skills, with two thirds of people saying they go on ski holidays for this reason. Ensuring holidays are physically active and provide opportunities to bond as a family polled at 45 per cent and 44 per cent respectively, proving important factors for parents when choosing where to go on holiday.


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