Game of Thrones tourism leading tourists off the map

Game of Thrones tourism has led to an increase in flight-searches to fictional lands such as Kings Landing and Dorne, according to flight data.

Following the huge success of Game of Thrones season seven flight booking site has noted hundreds of flight-searches to the mythical lands of Westeros and Essos as Brits confuse the locations on screen as real destinations.

Furthermore, Brits searching for the fictional ‘North’ are coming across northern UK locations, sparking an increase in searches to the likes of Manchester and Belfast.

When looking at the real filming locations for this season, Seville, home to the captivating lands of Dorne, takes the top spot with a 33 per cent increase in flight-searches.

While holidaymakers may miss a few Martells, the vibrant setting and Mediterranean heat will keep the dangers of winter at arms-length for the time being.

Likewise, Reykiahlid in Iceland has witnessed an increase of 25 per cent in flight-searches, suggesting that some Brits are considering venturing into the lands used to film beyond the wall.

Alison Couper from said: “It’s incredible to see the influence that Game of Thrones has had on holidaymakers, especially with flight searches to two very different locations in Iceland and Spain.

“Although unintentional, it’s clear that the northern cities of the UK are also benefitting from the success of this year’s season!”


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