Gallery: Sheep herding in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, located off the coast of Iceland, Scotland and Norway, is an alluring destination for photographers because of its rugged landscape, camera-friendly waterfalls and mysterious settings.

And it is a place that people in the UK seem to know little about. Did you know, for example, that the Faroe Islands has a Michelin star restaurant? Or that they have their own language (Faroese)? Are you aware the Faroes has more sheep (70,000) than people (50,000)?

It is a forward-thinking place but sheep herding is still an imperative part of life on the islands – both in the traditional sense (Faroese have been farming sheep for generations) and for practical ones (wool and food). That’s why we wanted to chronicle this side of this beautiful bunch of archipelagos seldom shown on Instagram. Thanks to a local farming couple, Oli and Ana Rubeksen, we were able to and here are the results.

Meeting up with friends and family on a windy, drizzly day at Oli’s farm.

Oli, the sheep farmer, points out where we will be going and explaining who will be doing what.

Oli’s nephew looking after his dog, Ana (named after Oli’s wife).

Daniel and Ana getting into position to herd.

The rest of the herders begin coercing the sheep down from the mountain.

Ana posing for a quick photograph on the way down the mountain.

Herders guiding the sheep down along the coastline on steep, wet moss turf.

Daniel and Ana purveying from above.

The final push, all but one sheep successfully rounded into the grazing field.

Success! The sheep waiting for their winter vaccinations.

A resistant ram stands bold as the farmers select sheep one by one.

Oli’s son doing his best not to scare the sheep, as he carefully selects them.

The farmers vaccinate the sheep before letting them back out to graze. A long day herding (the length of time varies) is often finished with a cold beer and a picnic.

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