Everything You Need to Know About Staycations in the UK

When it comes to holidays, sometimes staying put can be the best option. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go on holiday at all, but rather that you should forgo waiting around at the airport and worrying about your passport in favour of holidaying in the UK.

With swathes of beautiful countryside, a plethora of landmarks and miles upon miles of shoreline, the UK has everything you could possibly need to make a staycation memorable, enjoyable and relaxing. Here’s everything you need to know about holidaying in the UK…

You won’t be guaranteed sunshine, but you’ll have a great time if you set your mind to it!

Let’s be honest: you’re not likely to catch a tan in the same way that you would if you went to Spain in the middle of summer. Britain is notoriously drizzly, and it’s common to encounter rain showers and gusty winds all year round. However, there’s nothing stopping you from having a great time if you dress for the weather and accept that you might get a bit wet. Resolve to explore the country come rain or shine, and who knows? Perhaps you’ll strike lucky and score a week of sunshine!

It will be busiest and most expensive in the school holidays

Accommodation is going to be expensive and tourist attractions are going to be busy during peak seasons. So, if you can have a staycation during term time you’ll save yourself some time and money, and reduce the amount of traffic you’ll face on the road too. However, if you’re holidaying with children, accept that higher rates are unavoidable and console yourself with the knowledge that you’d also have to pay top rate for a holiday abroad… only you’re not having to cough up for plane tickets and luggage fees!

You’ll need to organise your accommodation

Just as you would if you were going on holiday abroad, you need to organise your accommodation for a staycation. The UK offers tons of different options, from luxury hotels to budget rooms, as well as hostels, bed and breakfasts and caravan sites. Many people opt to rent a holiday cottage instead, taking advantage of the privacy and living space available through companies such as Classic Cottages, with the extra bonus that it means you can relax in comfort and bring your pets along too.

You should try to pack light

Just because you’re not restricted by a weight limit doesn’t mean you should pack your entire wardrobe. A staycation is often quite short, and as you’re fairly close to home, speak the language and already have the right currency, you’ll be able to buy anything you’ve forgotten! So, just pack the basics and enjoy travelling a little lighter.

You should plan a little, but not too much

Finally, staycations demand that you do a bit of research to decide what you’re going to see on your holiday – after all, it would be a shame to arrive at your destination and find yourself bored with nothing to do! However, limit it to a few key ideas such as visiting The Tower of London, climbing Scafell Pike or exploring the set of Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle) so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with a ‘to do’ list to work your way through. Take a book, pack your walking boots and relax!

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