Essential camping checklist for every trip

When planning a camping trip, the excitement and adrenaline can make you forget essentials that you simply can’t do without. This is where an essential checklist comes in handy, to ensure you don’t forget anything important. Create a ‘must-bring’ checklist you can refer to while packing and before setting off.  

Essential checklist for a successful camping trip

1.Shelter and beddings

It’s not really camping unless you have a tent and some kind of bedding. As a basic essential it’s always assumed obvious, yet you might accidentally forget some important bits of camping gear. Check and double check that you have the tent together with all its accessories, i.e. poles, stakes, mallet, sunshade/tarp, etc. Sleeping bags, mats and travel pillows should also be checked. To make sure you have everything you need, visit Addnature for light, stable, wind and waterproof tents.

2. Clothes

It can be tricky to know which clothes to bring on a camping trip and therefore you should always check the weather forecast to pack accordingly. If it’s windy or wet, rain layers and protection are very important. Sun protection is also necessary if you’re spending a considerable amount of time outdoors. Having an additional warm layer comes in handy to put on while sleeping on extra cold nights. Camping clothes should always match the climate and the activities you intend to do. This means you’ll always be comfortable and have a good time. Don’t forget – you’re there to have fun!

3. Eating and dining

Cooking and eating outdoors are two of the best aspects of camping. You can’t bring a luxury restaurant with you, but you can enjoy food in the most incredible locations. To do this you need to bring a capable portable kitchen with you. That means utensils, water bottles, cookware, camping stove and fuel, water filtration, and obviously water and food.  Think carefully about what you need to bring – some campsites are very well-equipped and already have stuff there for you to use.

4. Navigation tool

A GPS device (smartphone, or dedicated GPS device) is essential while going from place to place and hiking, especially in very remote areas. It also really pays to invest in a backup USB-battery – the last thing you want is an empty battery when you’re 50km from civilisation, deep in the woods! If you’re with a large group, a two-way radio is useful to ensure you are all safe. A compass, guidebooks, or a map can be valuable old-school alternatives to a GPS device.

5. Personal items

Personal hygiene and care are important. Just because you’re going camping, it doesn’t mean you should let yourself go completely! Bring with you basic personal hygiene products, i.e. toothbrush and toothpaste, toilet paper, washcloth, soap/shampoo, towel, comb, small mirror, razor, etc.

6. First aid kit

When outdoors, little accidents are bound to happen. Minor cuts and bumps, scratches, burns, grazed knees, bee stings, and other injuries are common when camping. A first aid kit is an essential piece of gear that you shouldn’t be without. This can be especially useful for off-site hiking excursions or bike trips. Your kit should include bandages, aspirin/paracetamol, sterile gauze, burn ointments, sunburn lotion, antibiotic wipes, elastic wraps and scissors, among other things.

7. Entertainment

One of the best things about going camping is the scarcity of Wi-Fi, computers and other distractions. This gives you the perfect opportunity to spend uninterrupted quality time with your family or friends without disruptions. Things to keep you entertained while camping include travel-sized board games, cards, bikes, a football, badminton stuff and even a guitar – singalongs around the campfire, anyone?

Camping is an activity that pushes boundaries and is always rewarding, giving you a perfect opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in beautiful locations with friends and family as well as learn new skills. You can also make it as luxurious or basic as you want. Always research the place you’re visiting and the activities you’re planning to do so as to know exactly what you need.

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