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Do You Travel on the East Coast Mainline? Unlucky You

Frequent travellers along the East Coast Mainline could find themselves out of pocket more than any other rail travellers in the country, it has been revealed.

A new study has found that all five of the top five worst value-for-money journeys lay on the East Coast line, currently operated jointly by Stagecoach Group and Virgin Group. London to Newcastle was revealed as the worst value-for-money, followed by London to Edinburgh, London to Leeds, London to York and Leeds to London.

The research, carried out by Kwik Fit Insurance Services for the Press Association, found that a number of routes were actually slower than driving, with a 76-minute route from Birmingham to Norwich topping the list. Glasgow to Leeds (54 minutes) and Glasgow to York (44 minutes) came second and third respectively.

Worst value-for-money journeys

London – Newcastle £158.70

London – Edinburgh £149.77

London – Leeds £133.27

London – York £125.56

Leeds – London £121.44

Glasgow – Exeter £119.03

London – Sheffield £112.16

Glasgow – Bristol £106.00

Glasgow – Cardiff £102.76

Birmingham – Edinburgh £80.39

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  1. Alistair

    It’s true that North East Mainline is terrible. I’m not sure those routes named as being slower than driving though. Those are incredible times.

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