Why you should visit New Orleans

If there’s a city in America that’s renowned for its incredible nightlife and atmosphere, it’s New Orleans. Known as the jazz capital of the world, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a trip full of life and excitement. Once you’ve applied for your ESTA via estaregistration.co.uk, the opportunities are endless! Therefore, rather than jetting off to the conventional New York City or Florida this year, we’d definitely suggest heading off to New Orleans, and here’s why.

Mardi Gras

If you want to experience something truly bespoke and magical, Mardi Gras is perfect. Known as one of the biggest cultural celebrations in the world, tourists fly in from all corners of the world in order to attend Mardi Gras, and it’s definitely worth the travel. This huge carnival is all in the name of Lent, and is quite possibly one of the best party events in the entire world. Wherever you look, the streets are full of bright colours and fun music from dawn until dusk, making Mardi Gras the best party of your life! Before attending, make sure you show up in style! Don your most extravagant mask and vibrant clothing to properly immerse yourself in the celebrations.

Bourbon Street

If Mardi Gras hasn’t quite satisfied the party animal within you, then definitely consider a trip to Bourbon Street, as the nightlife here is second to none. If you ever visit Bourbon Street after six, you’ll notice that there are people everywhere, all excited to have an evening full of fun and excitement. A night spent in Bourbon Street is something that everyone needs to experience when visiting New Orleans, especially when surrounded by close friends. Plus, one of the most interesting parts about this area of New Orleans is the ‘Napoleonic Code’, where it is actually legal to walk around with your drinks in hand, making for a very interesting night.

New Orleans City Park

Understandably, the loud party atmosphere can become slightly overwhelming for some people, particularly for newcomers, so always consider visiting New Orleans City Park. With the stunning city architecture of New Orleans, it’s hard to believe that this park is in the same city, with its centuries-old oak trees and flowing lakes. Here, you can enjoy playing on some golf courses, or even ride a horse to elegantly explore the surroundings. The atmosphere here is much calmer to that of the city streets, allowing you to absorb the tranquillity and calm yourself before departing back to party central!

The Overall Vibe!

It doesn’t matter where you go in the world, you simply won’t find a vibe anywhere else similar to that in New Orleans – it’s utterly unique. Perhaps it’s the more relaxed drinking laws, or perhaps it’s the chilled out jazz music that they historically play – either way, the vibe at New Orleans simply isn’t to be missed. Even on your average weekday, a walk down the streets of New Orleans is unforgettable, and is guaranteed to put you in a fantastic mood for the rest of your day.

There of hundreds of reasons to visit New Orleans, these are simply a select few. When it comes to your standard sunny, resort holiday, many destinations seem to blend into one, however New Orleans is a destination that will always stand out from the crowd – just make sure you pack your hangover cure!

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