It’s all about the colour in Spain

From its golden sands and deep blue waters to its bright, juicy fruits and deep burgundy wines, Spain is bursting with colour, beauty and flavour. It’s no surprise that Spain is such a popular destination for holidaymakers; this Mediterranean jewel impresses even the most well-travelled individuals. Variety is the spice of life here, so we’ve put together an introduction to some of the most popular spots.


Bright and buzzing

A last minute holiday to Spain might be one of the best decisions you ever make, and as soon as you see the scenery you’ll agree too. For miles (five to be exact) of silky, silver sands and clear blue waters, take a trip to Fuengirola and you’ll find yourself in paradise. The beaches of the Costa del Sol are renowned for offering a dreamlike beach scene.

You’re guaranteed to find a buzzing atmosphere in Benidorm as well, from the flashing lights of the lively bars to the bustling resorts.


Calmer shades

If you want the stunning beach surroundings but fewer footprints in the sand, Cabo de Gata National Park is the ideal spot to soak up the sun’s golden rays. Small, pristine beaches all to yourself = bliss! After a day or two spent on the beach, make sure you experience some of the country’s other spectacular scenery. Llastres is rippled with traditional red rooftops set against a lush green, hilly backdrop.


Colourful culture

If it’s a last minute city break you’re after, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Spain. Barcelona offers dark, Gothic architecture that stands boldly against the blue skies, and a visit to Gaudi’s Park Guell could not be more different, as it pops with colour. This is the perfect spot to look over the city. Granada is also worth a stop. Wander through its narrow streets and marvel at the rocky backdrop of the city. It’s like something out of a fairytale. In Seville you’ll find Terracotta walls filled deep with history, so dive in and explore the tales of the area- who knows what you’ll discover.


Taste a rainbow

Known for its fresh produce, there’s a delicious dish for everyone in Spain. Think catch of the day, sizzled to perfection- what could be better? If you’re a paella fan, tasting it cooked by those who invented it might just make you love it even more! The yellow rice packed with spice, the juicy red peppers and the succulent shellfish all combine to make this dish a real treat for your taste buds.

Even the simplest of bites are really delicious in Spain: cured meats, rich in colour and flavour, sandwiched between freshly cooked rustic bread makes the ideal lunch, or sample the sweet delights of the land- the rosiest of strawberries you will find, and the taste won’t disappoint either!

A dish not quite so bright, but certainly not lacking in flavour, is the Spanish potato omelette. This modest, light in colour egg and potato dish is really yummy. So, stop the calorie counting for a week or two- we won’t tell if you don’t!


Washed down nicely

You’re sure to work up a thirst after all this delicious food. Did someone say Sangria? You might want to order a jug, because once you’ve had a sip of this refreshing drink, you won’t be able to resist a good few more.

If you’re not quite ready for alcohol, but need a boost for the day, order a simple Spanish coffee and you won’t be disappointed. The Spaniards certainly put the rich beans to good use; this might be one of the best coffees you ever sip.

Autumn and winter can be great seasons to see Spain’s colours and usually trying to find good prices is pretty easy. Why not enjoy an impromptu getaway and take a step into the land that oozes colourful culture? You’re sure to fall in love with it!


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