Denmark – The country of full of bicycles, where you can get to experience the Vikings lifestyle, enjoy millions of gastronomic alternatives, bike rides around Copenhagen main streets, get lost in their fairytale castles under a hyggeligt (cozy) atmosphere.

Sara Lopez, a Spaniard living in Denmark, shares with us the most interesting places in this country.

In general, one of the most special corners of Denmark is its capital: Copenhagen, where we can find the  most enjoyable colorful places:


Busy gastronomic streets full of bars and restaurants with a view to the canal. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular areas in the city, for both residents and tourists.

Nyhavn (new port) was built at the end of the 17th century as a canal that allowed direct access to the sea from the old city of Copenhagen. As time passed,  it became the area where fishermen and sailors lived and due to the city’s expansion to the sea that eventually absorbed the Nyhavn, it became part of the center of Copenhagen.

The canal is full of bars and restaurants. Although the cuisine in this area is expensive, there is always time to have an espresso or a delicious Vaffelbagerem ice cream.

However, this canal is much more than cuisine, it also offers daily cruises crossing the capital through its channels.

At the beginning of the channel there is an anchor in memory of all the Danish sailors who lost their lives during World War II.

Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in the world, located in the heart of Copenhagen, in the Vesterbro district. It remains practically the same as when it was inaugurated, although modern and increasingly sophisticated attractions have been incorporated over the years, the initial spirit remains intact.

The park is like wonderland, the gardens and attractions are very different from what we are used to see in a modern amusement park.

Denmark is not only Copenhagen,  leaving the capital we can find many of the charms Denmark hides. Many of them are in Århus, where the first largest open-air museum in the world and the second largest university in Denmark are.

Den Gamle By

The Den Gamle By is an open-air museum made of historic buildings brought from different towns and villages across Denmark that make you go back to the past.

The museum mainly covers from 1700 to 1860. Although there is a part with buildings from the twentieth century, the oldest part is the most beautiful and many of the buildings are now opened to the public.

Getting there is easy, you can go walking, by bike or by bus (lines: 3, 14, 25 or 55).

It opens every day, in winter from 10 to 17 and in summer from 10 to 19. Although it is more worth going in summer since special events are held to recreate the Danish past customs.

Legoland Billund

Legoland in Denmark is a historic park created in Billund in 1968. In order to make the park 60 million bricks, placed one after another, were used. 60 million bricks, which can also be used to cover a distance of 1500 km.

Shopping in Denmark

Denmark, the land of true design legends like Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner. From clothing to accessories for him and for her, Denmark is the perfect shopping destination to take that unique piece of Scandinavian style you have always been looking for.

Streets full of shops of great Danish and international brands await you in all Danish cities: coats, bed sheets, men leather bracelets, and much more you cannot even imagine.

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