Cost of living in Europe for £1,000

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Living in Europe has always been a tricky change in lifestyle and financial situations, with every country having their own economic development meaning it is possible to make your money go a lot further depending on where you stay. To gain a quick overview of the amount of time someone could hypothetically live in a European city, financial firm On Stride Financial has produce a simple yet colourful map of the major cities across Europe and estimated the length of time you could live there on a budget of just £1000.

The map covers estimated costs of essentials like local food & drink, accommodation and leisure time (things to do) within the capitals. It doesn’t dig deep into everything someone could potentially do but it does provide a quick guide to how much £1000 could allow you to live a satisfactory life in the heart of 10 major destinations across the continent.

Each of the daily costs are broken down into daily rate to estimate a single person

Here are some of the results (shortest to longest):

  1. London – 6 days 20 hours
  2. Paris – 6 days 20 hours
  3. Zurich – 8 days 20 hours
  4. Reykjavik – 9 days 23 hours
  5. Copenhagen – 10 days 5 hours
  6. Prague – 20 days 10 hours
  7. Athens – 24 days 21 hours
  8. Sofia – 27 days 7 hours
  9. Istanbul – 40 days 3 hours
  10. Budapest – 50 days 18 hours

For map visit: Cost of Living in Europe | On Stride Financial

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