Calculate The Cost Of Your Bucket List

A new online tool has been launched which allows you to calculate the cost of your bucket list.

Brits are willing to spend up to £10,000 on their bucket list on average, but with the cost of completing the UK’s ‘top 10 bucket list activities’ coming in at a whopping £18,519 that would only be enough to complete five bucket list items.

Going on safari (£5,600) and walking the Great Wall of China (£1,139) both appeared in the top five bucket list activities. And visiting the Grant Canyon (£1,181), going whale watching (£2,000) and taking an American road trip (£3,365) also made the top ten wish-list.

Joe Gardiner, Head of Brand and Communications for, said: “We all have a bucket list, but many of us probably don’t take the time to work out how much it would cost to complete.

“If you’re serious about getting everything done before you kick the bucket, then that’s where you have to start.”

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