Brits love to get away for Valentine’s

 By Steve Taggart

Huge number of British couples are taking their partners to hotels, making the most of Valentine’s Day…by staying in bed, according to

More than a fifth of Brits (over ten million people*) will set off to get off this weekend (33% more than last year) and a quarter (24%) will even take time off work on Friday to extend their love fest. A fifth (20%) revealed they are planning the weekend away, 33% more than last year.

Mark Spowage, AA patrol of the year, says: “With Valentine’s Day falling on a Saturday this year and we’re expecting the roads to be pretty busy from Friday afternoon, particularly if you’re heading to the airport or flocking to the capital.”

Wanting to treat their other halves, to revive their relationship and the fact that Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend (the first time since 2009) were all cited as reasons behind choosing to go away this year.

A large proportion of Brits are expected to combine romance with a dose of winter sun abroad according to the results revealed today with Paris (28%), Amsterdam (27%), Barcelona (15%), New York (14%), London (13%) and Las Vegas (13%) all being popular destinations – with the UK capital apparently being slightly more sinful than sin city.

A third of Brits getting away for Valentine’s Day will share their love with the world and brag about their trip on social media. Feeds will be flooded mostly with shots of Champagne and roses this weekend. And whilst many simply want to show off their romantic side, make others envious, share photos and gloat, more than one in five will post just to provoke an ex-partner – with men the worst offenders.

Staying in when going away is what most Brits are up for, as some couples barely intend to leave their hotel room during their Valentine’s break: a quarter admit they’ll spend 12 hours or more per day in their love nest. On average they will lock themselves up for almost 25 per cent more time than on a normal hotel stay.

Acting like a fly on a wall into the Brits’ hotel behaviour, the research shows that top of the agenda for some may be romance, with plenty of kisses and cuddles (18%), romantic relaxation time (16%), a fancy dinner (16%), champagne and roses (13%) and bubble baths (11%).

But others seem to have more sexy delights on their mind; having lots of fun between the sheets (14%), staying in bed all day (5%) watching naughty movies together (4%), and re-enacting at least some of the 50 Shades of Grey for a weekend of S&M (4%), all make it onto the list of Brits’ desires. The research found that 47% of Brits think they have better sex when away from home.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox, says: “It looks like the 50 shades of Grey effect has really taken hold of Brits as we approach Valentine’s Day. As the research shows, Brits tend to be more liberated when they are on holiday and many of us are using Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to add a bit of spice to our sex lives. New surroundings and lower chances of being caught by someone we know, breaks down our inhibitions and elevates our more adventurous side. It’s no wonder that nearly half (47%) of us report to have better sex when we’re away!”

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