Brits’ Holiday Ambitions 2015

 By Steve Taggart

Brits have high hopes for holidays

We’re a nation of unfulfilled travellers with high hopes for an action-packed year of holidays –according to a study looking into Britain’s 2015 holiday ambitions. With eight in ten Brits committing to spend more, it seems we’re willing to splash out in order to get away more this year.

On average, Brits will get away three times this year, and plan to travel an extra day – spending 16 days abroad compared to 15 in 2014. A quarter of those polled are so committed to getting away they wouldn’t hesitate pulling a sickie to extend their annual leave from work.

The study revealed 34 million Brits have unaccomplished travel dreams of seeing polar bears, storm chasing or trekking through the wilderness. Despite ambitious fantasies, when it comes to booking our holiday, 29 million Brits are stuck in a holiday rut and will stick to tradition, travelling to the same places time and time again*.

The 2015 holiday ambitions study also found, we are no longer a nation of sun worshipers, as we increasingly search for new and exciting experiences rather than a tan line. This year, sunbathing slipped two places in our holiday priorities, and was overtaken by sightseeing, experiencing local food and cultural excursions in the top five holiday activity wish list – proving we’ve transformed into culture vultures for 2015.

Research also revealed the adventurous side within us with activities like free diving, swimming with sharks and white water rafting increasing significantly in popularity for holidays this year.

2015 holiday wish list:

  1.        Sightseeing (54%)
  2.        Experiencing local food (45%)
  3.        Cultural excursions (39%)
  4.        Sun bathing (32%)
  5.        Going to the theatre / opera (23%)
  6.          Spa treatments (17.9%)
  7.          Snorkelling (14.1%)
  8.          Hiking (12.1%)
  9.          Free diving (8.5%)
  10.       White water rafting (8.7%)

Despite wild ambitions, the UK continues to be the most popular holiday destination for those looking to get away from it all. Those who plan to travel abroad seem to be savvy to a good deal, with Euro-zone countries making a resurgence in the top five overseas destinations we want to visit – allowing Brits to make the most of the recent strength in the Pound.

  1.        Spain (25% up from 23%)
  2.        France (18% up from 15%)
  3.        USA (13% up from 9%)
  4.        Italy (12% up from 8%)
  5.        Greece (10% up from 7%)




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