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Brits are the kings of the swingers

A new survey has shown that Brits are the king of the swingers – getting into the action quicker than their European counterparts.

The survey from Spice in Lanzarote – who describe themselves as ‘adult Lifestyle resort for sexually liberated couples’ – found that over half of British swingers were ready to dive into the lifestyle after just one visit to a swinging venue. Other European swingers took longer to be convinced, with Italians the slowest to make the leap – only two in five began practising after their first time in a swinging venue.

Spice Lanzarote

The survey also found that Brits were most likely to have their first experience in a hotel, with 9.4% of the 3,000 surveyed saying it was where they first got extra frisky – compared to just 1.2% of Belgian couples.

Other findings include:

  • Only 5% of European swingers claim to be single, 95% are in long term committed relationships.
  • 92% state swinging has not damaged the relationship with any long term partner, 90% stating it has strengthened the relationship
  • 58% of swingers do not admit swinging to anyone, of those that do, 40% tell friends but only 4% will tell a family member
  • Most European swingers discover other swingers in specialist swinger networks and clubs, however the computer game ‘World of Warcraft’ was the only cited computer game where swingers said they had discovered other swingers through in-play chat.

Julian Woolley of Spice Lanzarote explained: “The object of the survey is to demystify a massive sector of Europe. To the uninitiated it seems hidden and underground, a dark, secret and sordid twilight world.

“However the reality is that an honest relationship today is one where couples can discuss their sexual fantasies with their partner.”

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