The Best Winter Sun Locations For Your Last Minute Break

So, you want to get the best winter sun, but the question is – where do you go? Don’t fear! We’ve got you covered! Whilst there are countless places you can visit in summer for daylong sunshine, choosing where to go for your last minute winter break might leave your mind feeling a little baffled. Once you have completed your European health insurance card renewal application, you are free to travel across Europe and do all the fun activities you daren’t do in the height of the summer. For the best winter sun locations for your last minute break, continue reading!

Sicily, Italy

Ultimately, winter is the best time to go to Sicily. Why? Not only is Sicily one of the best places to find winter sun in Europe, but there are several things to do and see without being beaten down by the demanding weather. From watching the Christmas Nativity play in the streets of Termini Imerse to visiting the mass of museums and jaw-dropping archaeological sites, you can do exactly that without a multitude of people potentially ruining your once-in-a-lifetime experience!


A winter sun escape is like no other in Malta. There are several things you can do in Malta at winter, from visiting St. John’s Co-Cathedral or going on a trek to make the most of the dry winter days that summer lovers often miss out on. Whilst Malta is one of the warmest locations for the best winter sun, you will still need a jumper, if not a coat, in order to stay cosy, and though most of the time it will be dry, you will need to pack your suitcase with wet and windy weather in mind. The weather might be unpredictable, but it’s all part of the fun!

Madeira, Portugal

You might question what makes Madeira one of the best winter sun locations for your last minute break, and we don’t blame you. Madeira simply isn’t a beach destination, so if you want to spend hours listening to the sea repeatedly lap against the sand, this destination isn’t for you! Whilst Maderia may not be for everyone, December is the perfect time to discount the hidden gems of the mountainous island – without worrying about your tan! Not only are the flights far more affordable in December, costing just £65, you can enjoy a number of popular outdoor activities, such as dolphin watching!


Another great winter sun location for your last minute break is Cyprus. There are so many reasons to visit Cyprus, not only is it home to an array of wonderful tourists attractions, including the Blue Lagoon and Camel Park, but the local cuisine is to die for. Home to an array of sandy beaches, fishing harbours and private marinas, Cyrus is the ultimate place to get winter sun, yet a place where visitors are able to enjoy all that the country has to offer during a last minute break. Though Cyprus may be on the chilly in the winter, you most definitely will not be starved from the sun, and there’s a good chance that just a t-shirt will do!

Canary Islands, Spain

It’s summer time all the time in the canaries! There are numerous places to stay in the Canary Islands, from Tenerife and Gran Canaria to Lanzarote, and you most definitely won’t be sun starved. With temperature fluctuating between 20°C and 19°C throughout the month of December, you can feel rest assured knowing that you will return home from your last minute break with a sun-kissed glow. Just a 4-hour flight from the UK, visiting the Canary Islands is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to experience some much needed winter sun. During your stay, you can enjoy the dramatic scenery each island has to offer, as well as 4km of the Maspalomas Sand Dunes waiting to be explored.

There are several locations for the best winter sun for your last minute break. From exploring the magnificent sites of Sicily in the cool weather and making the most of the quiet season and avoiding long queues that form throughout the summer to one of the iconic seven Canary Islands, the opportunities are endless!

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