Best wellness retreats in the world

The stress of modern day life can take a toll on the best of us. Congested cities, high-pressure nine-to-fives, not to mention living lifestyles at supersonic speeds, while trying to squeeze in dinner dates with friends and time for hobbies, can leave anyone burned out and in need of recovery. It’s for this very reason that there has been a surge of wellness and spa hotels popping up all over the world. These hotels, which focus on slow living, stress reduction as well as the proliferation of general wellbeing, are drawing weary travellers from all over who are looking to re-centre themselves, and recharge their batteries before heading back out into the real world. But which are the best? Below we’ll take a look at some of the top spots to melt away your worries.

Merseburg, Germany

An ancient city in Germany, Merseburg might not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of a wellness retreat. But upon arrival it’s clear that the Merseburg is an idyllic haven with a ton of small-town charm. Nestled in nature away from the busier hubs of Halle and Leipzig, Merseburg has a multitude of wellness and fitness hotels that provide numerous opportunities for relaxation and rejuvenation. Check out this resort in particular, which not only boasts a fantastic Finnish sauna but also a well-equipped gym. If you’d like to get in touch with nature, forests and lakes are also easily accessible from the town centre.


Phuket, Thailand

The beauty of Thailand – and South East Asia in general – is unparalleled, so it’s no surprise that people travel for many thousands of miles to bask in its tranquillity. Equally unsurprising are the amount of wellness retreats that exist in this beautiful country. Take for example the gorgeous Amatara Wellness Resort on the island of Phuket. With a strong focus on yoga and mindfulness, visitors can partake in different programs ranging from three days up to 18, and will have full access to spa facilities as well as healthy cuisine.

Sakalana, India

No wellness list would be complete without mentioning India, and for good reason. Many contemporary spiritual and wellness practices such as meditation, yoga and Ayurveda have their roots in the South Asian country. Perched in the Himalayas, Ananda is one such spiritual retreat that utilises a combination of Ayurveda, yoga and peaceful massage to leave visitors feeling restored and ready to face the challenges of daily lives.

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