Best holiday accessories for your summer holiday

The sun is shining, and school holidays are in full swing. We’ve all spent weeks scrolling through web pages of lush resorts in Spain on our lunch breaks. Now summer is here, and we’re all getting ready to jet off on our holidays.

But what are we putting in our suitcases to ensure that we have a stress-free trip? We have tried out some of the best accessories on the market. Invest in these and you won’t be sorry.

Indestructible luggage

There is nothing more annoying than having a bag break abroad! It will undoubtedly happen at the most inconvenient moment, leaving your possessions sprawling across an airport floor, sidewalk, or worse. Hold luggage and carry-on alike can be make or break for a great trip. Nobody wants to be lugging a suitcase with three wheels anywhere!

For check-in luggage, I always go for a hard-shell suitcase. It offers an extra layer of protection from the bashing that baggage handlers can give your suitcase. Antler ( offer high quality cases that come in funky colours that are rigorously tested to destruction and promise a ten-year warranty.

This Herschel Little America backpack (£71.25  saw me through adventures in China and New Zealand – as well as the occasional weekend trip and has been brilliant.

Reusable water bottle

It is near-on impossible to refrain from getting dehydrated during transit. You can’t take more than 100mls of liquid through security and departures lounges are notorious for their exorbitant prices. But bringing your own bottle with a filter means you can fill up from the tap and be protected. Brita Fill and Go (£16.50 turns tap water into filtered and tasty water as you drink it. It also means you’ll avoid buying single use plastic water bottles – and save the environment too.

A compact hair brush

A good quality hair brush is important when you’re abroad. There often isn’t time to style your locks properly while you’re busy exploring, so it’s important to get something that will gt the knots out and is practical for travel. Putting a good brush through your tresses will make you feel and look better wherever you are in the world. The Tangle Teezer (£13.50) is perfect for travelling. It fits perfect in your hand, doesn’t take up too much space with a long handle and comes with a cover which will stop dust – or whatever else – getting stuck in the bristles.

Good quality shampoo and conditioner

Good quality hair doesn’t come cheap, but if you want your gram looking strong with luscious flowing locks, this is not an area to scrimp on. I know that the 100ml or less bottles you can get at the airport Boots don’t always leave my hair as happy as it could be.

Electric’s “Take Me With You” kit includes four products from their professional product range (£20.50, . They come in a clear case and each bottle is 60mls meaning they can easily get through security in your hand luggage.

The bottles include shampoo, conditioner, an intensive treatment masque as well as a smoothing cream. The kit has all you could need for UV protecting and styling on holidays.

Ensuring your possessions are safe 

Do you ever see safes in hotels and get paranoid that they are easily cracked? I know I do. I am always concerned that my important possessions aren’t safe in remote countries, and bringing your own safe helps remedy that. Master Lock 5900 Portable Safe (£29.99 gives me the peace of mind to leave my passports and cash behind knowing that they can’t be nicked.

Never lose anything again

Do you ever think you’ve lost something while travelling and end up going into a complete panic?! I know I do. There are always so many things to keep track of when you’re on the road sometimes it feels overwhelming. The Tile Pro (£30 helps you keep track of all your important possessions via an app and their latest design are really cool. Simply hook it onto your carry on luggage, suitcase or camera and if you feel like you’re missing something, log into the app.

There are three ways to locate your items. The first by sound. Simply ring your tile from your app, or double press the tile to ring your phone. Failing this, the app will always show the last place the Tile was seen. If it’s moved since then, you can tap ‘notify when found’ in the app and you’ll receive an alert when another person with a Tile comes within range of your item. Moral of the story is that you basically never have to worry again!

Stay connected with a lithium-free power bank

We are travelling with more electronic devices than ever. Phones, laptops, cameras, holidays are high-tech operations these days.

I will never leave the house without my power bank. But when you’re going through airport security, officers are getting more and more iffy about them. In recent years there have been restrictions placed on hazardous lithium batteries, but most power banks included these.

Thankfully, lithium free batteries are now entering the marketplace. GP Batteries, TRAV O SAFE PowerBank (£24.98 is welcomed by airlines and conforms to all the latest safety standards for carry on as well as check in baggage. It’s compact and light and means that you won’t meet an aggressive security officer wanting to root around your bag to look at it.

Words Courtney Greatrex 

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